Saturday, January 1, 2011

What Time Did He Text You?

1/1/11, 11:11PM - Hobbes texted "Kumusta?"

A hosto once told me to observe what time your boy will text you. The time of day usually might give some indication how they see you as a guest. Remember, they usually are in the bars from 10pm to 5am, and in their homes from 7am to 8pm.

BETWEEN 9-12pm
If they send an sms message during their work hours, especially between 9pm to 12pm, asking whether you would visit them in the bar, then obviously, they see you as one of his customers, and possibly just that and nothing else, nothing more.

If you reply that you won't go to their bar tonight AND he stops texting you right after, then he has stopped thinking of you as someone who'll finance his night in the bar. He may have moved on to text another customer. Just wait for another text message the following night.

If you reply that you won't go to their bar tonight AND still he insists you go, either he really honestly genuinely likes your company, or maybe just your money. You may have been the 6th customer that he has asked since the night started, and the first 5 ones already declined going to the bar. So in a desperate attempt, he would woo you to be in his arms tonight in the bar, as he has already missed you or your ____ (insert "pretty face", "scent", "conversation", "sexy voice", etc).

So do take caution with: "i miz u. kelan ka balik d2?", sent at 1030 PM.

BETWEEN 7am to 8pm
If they send you an sms message before their work hours, or anytime between 7am to 8pm, my hosto friend said that the MD or hosto has thought about you outside the confines of his bar. Possibly, he texted you in his home, or on his bed in-between shut-eye, in front of the tv, doing errands (labada) or outside with his friends in the mall.

Yes, you're still his customer, but maybe even more than that. Just maybe. Especially if you've tabled him more than once already. He may genuinely enjoy your conversations, and possibly to the point of even liking you (romantically, pero huwag masyadong umasa). And yeah, give him the benefit of the doubt, as he may honestly miss you that's why he sent you that "miz u" message.

I find it even sweet if they text you at this time and invite you to meet outside for dinner, a chat, or coffee. Of course, you will just shoulder the cost. But it is MUCH cheaper than 4 bottles of MD drinks in their bar.

But be cautious also, as the text message at this time, or to meet outside before his work hours, may indicate that he needs something else. Money for his motor, money for his costume, money for his ailing mom, money for his long lost tita who suffered an accident in their province who needs to go to the hospital asap but can't afford, etc. Of course, they will be a bit embarrassed to bring it up at first. But those who are really desperate (or thick skinned), will ask in some form or another.

"i miz u" -- It's easy to fall for them... and just as easy to fall for their tricks as well. TC!

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