Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hanggang Saan Aabot Ang P2,000 Mo?

(Or, what can your P2000 buy you?)

Thanks to the commercial for the screen shot

So you're a gay boy who wants to have his first ever gay bar experience. You have been dreaming of seeing the insides of a macho dancing gay bar since you were a teenage gaylet. As excited as you are,  you however wouldn't know where to go, what time you're going, how you'll get there, who you'll bring along, and especially, how much to spend.

Oh yes. How much to spend. But unlike little boy Sef of the infamous Selecta Cornetto ice cream stick commercial, who seems to be savoring every lick and bite of a phallic symbol, you're given more than P20 to spend. (Seriously, what can you get in a gay bar with P20? Handshake from the parking attendant [hindi ka kasi pinapasok]? O baka, yung matabang mamang guard biglang mag macho dancing on his own while singing tugs, tugs, tugs?)

So because we're generous, let's increase it to P2,000. It's more than the average Friday night or Saturday night gimik spend. 

P2,000 can buy you a dinner date for two in Friday's or Chilli's, then catch the last full show (may pam-popcorn ka pa). It will allow you entrance in a Malate gay club, order 4 bottles of beer, pick-up a trick, then pay a 3-hour room in the nearest motel (may pambili ka rin ng condom -- priority!). If you want to do retail therapy, you can go to the mall and buy two new pairs of Havaianas, or a nifty shoulder bag, or a nice new collared top. 

But how about in a gay bar? How much do you bring when you go into a gay bar? And what if you only have P2,000? Let me show you what it can buy:  

(Please take note that all these expenses exclude transportation cost like gas or taxi)

Let's start cheap first. Suppose you don't plan to spend all of your P2,000. Here are ways how you can spend below your budget. 

For P500, you have two options: 
  • Go to the smaller seedy gay bars in Cubao or Aurora, pay entrance fee of like P100, then order 2 drinks for your next 1-2 hours. You still have P100 left to give one, just one, all-the-way dancer asking for a tip during his area. Nakahawak ka pa.
  • If you want to see the more established, iconic gay bars along Morato or Pasay-Paranaque, then you pay entrance fee from P150-P250, then order the obligatory two drinks for customers priced at about P120 each for 1.5 hour stay (which will still be taxed 10%-20%, depending on the bar). Sorry, no touch. Hanggang nood ka lang. "Taga-Tanawan," as what these gay bars say.

For ballpark figure of P1000:
  • Go again to the smaller seedy gay bars in Cubao or Aurora, pay the entrance fee, then order 3-4 drinks for your next 2-3 hours (ayan, maglasing ka). You can shower P100 to three (3) all-the-way guys during their area. OR, order 2 drinks, table a guy for one MD drink that costs P300 good for 40 minutes to 1 hour, don't tip him nor any other tigas in the bar (maiinis lang sila though). Remember, there's still 10% tax they add to the bill.
  • If you still want to go to the big and iconic gay bars (para lang masabi sa kaibigan na "uy, nakapasok na ako sa Adonis o Big Papa"), pay the entrance fee, then order 3 drinks for yourself. You will have a few P100 bills that you can give to 1 or 2 all-the-way guys who approach you. Hindi lang ikaw ang sumaya, may pinasaya ka pang iba. BUT, you don't get to table a guy with just a P1000 budget inside a big gay bar (unless you really don't tip, making you a "muraot" in their eyes).

If you plan to spend around P1500 (because you want to keep the remainder of your P2000 budget for taxi plus the after-bar pares or goto):
  • For the smaller seedy bars, you do the advice above for P1000, and then you can give your tabled MD a tip of P200-300. Plus you can give one or two all-the-way guys some money when they approach you to touch their thingies. May nakausap ka na, may nahawakan ka pa.
  • If you're itching to experience the bigger less raid-able gay bars, after the entrance fee, you go order 2 drinks for yourself. Now you can table an MD for 1 drink that costs around P350-P450 plus tax (depending on the bar). That is good for 40 minutes to 1 hour. Then give him a tip of P300 to P500. 
  • This was my last bill in Adonis -- I was there for just an hour, with the first 15 minutes being alone, then calling one guy to sit with me, spent another 30 minutes with him for 1 drink. My bill was P1005, plus I gave my tabled guy P500 for tip (plus another P200 for the floor manager). Medyo bitin lang talaga yung time spent, therefore... 

P2,000 is what I feel is a slightly comfortable amount to go in a gay bar, big or small. That was the ballpark figure I spent during my first gay bar visits (P1730 + tip, to be precise). So, hanggang saan aabot ang P2,000?
  • If you still prefer the cheap and dirty beer-house type of gay bar, just add one or two more MD drinks, to total around 3-4 drinks, so that you can spend around 3+ hours with your tabled guy. Tip him also with P300 to P500. In short, just double what you order with the advice above for P1000.
  • The bigger gay bars will allow you entrance of P150 to P250. You can then order your required two drinks (around P110 per bottle of beer), then wait for 30 minutes before getting the man you want to table (kunwari hindi ka pa makapili kung sino iuupo mo). Spend 2 MD drinks for him, costing P350 to P450 per drink, to allow you around 1.5 to 2 hours of conversation. Then give him a tip (because these guys only earn from the tips you give them). If you have some money left, you can give tips to one all-the-way guy when he does his area, the waiter, the drag impersonators, and the mamasan floor manager. So, that's P200 entrance + P220 plus tax for 2 beers + P900 plus tax for 2 MD drinks + P300 to P500 tip to your guy + P200 for other tips. That's P2,000 for about 2-3 hour stay inside an iconic big gay bar (from 11pm to 2am).
  • In short, just double the amount of drinks you order for both you and your man, stated above for P1000. 

Eh what if you're really want to spend? Some more tips and advice in spending inside a gay bar:
  • Actually, what makes your bill increase exponentially is the amount of MD drinks you buy your macho dancer. Cost of MD drinks: Smaller seedy gay bars like Dreamboyz and Hotmen P300 each, and for Bigger iconic gay bars P350 to 400+. Just add one more MD drink to extend your time with your MD to the above scenarios, and you add around P400-500 to your bill. 
  • A tip to remember: One MD drink should be good for one hour (that's gay bar policy). However, these men can drink the bottle in 30-40 minutes. So once the pesky waiter notices that the bottle is empty, he'll ask you if you want to give your man another drink, EVEN IF the one hour is not yet over. You can say yes, or you can say no. But if you say no, don't be surprised if your tabled macho dancer is gone after the hour is up (either he'll properly say goodbye or "pinatawag" sya / "called" by the manager). 
  • If you want to spend around 4 to 5 hours in the gay bar (from 11PM to 4AM), which is quite average for gay bar addicts, you will have to buy your dancer around 4-6 drinks. Don't be surprised though if your bill will be around P3K to 4K. That excludes the tip you give your guy, who would then maybe expect more than P500 as you got his time longer.  
  • Even getting a VIP room is around P2090 in Adonis or Maginoo for ONE hour (P1500 room rental plus one drink for the guy at P590, included with three songs for him to "dance" supposedly privately for you). Include your entrance fee and two drinks, then your bill will be more than P3000. Plus tip. 
  • The highest I spent for a single night was P9000. That included around 5 drinks for me, 9 MD drinks, three orders of food, then a tip of P1500. It was on a big night event of the bar, with my friends who spent even more than I did (I think Ringo spent around P13000 because his MD had 15 MD drinks). Baliw pa kasi ako noon sa lalaking kasama ko. Not anymore now (I hope).

Eh paano naman for rich gay bar addicts like the matronas and the Koreanas and the gay entertainment writers and TV personalities? They spend around P4000 to P5000 each, even as high as P10,000 per visit. That doesn't even count the tips they give to their enamored macho dancers, who can get as low as P5,000 or P20,000 per visit. For sure, hindi Selecta Cornetto ice cream ang kinakain ng mga yan, kundi gallons of caramel-rhum gelatos imported pa from Italy, made with the freshest milk from New Zealand, and specially hand made by the premier dessert chef from France. May mukha pa ng matrona o Koreana sa label ng ice cream.

So going back to your P2,000 budget. In summary, it will allow you access to the macho dancing gay bars you've been curious to see. You'll get to see finally what happens inside, have 1.5 to 2 hours of conversation (getting-to-know-you and landian) with the macho dancer of your choice, and tipsy enough on a Friday or Saturday night.

The P2,000 will not allow you any sexual experiences, unless you're willing to pay the P3500 to P7000 bar fine (take him out of the bar), which doesn't include yet the extra tip for the boy you plan to have "fun" with. Or unless you suck him for an agreed fee in a discreet location inside the gay bar (banyo or dark corner), if you are not afraid to risk being discovered by the waiters or the other MDs. 

That's the reason why some of my friends, when I brought them to the gay bar, found it either boring or bitin. Spend quite a sum for some boring and repetitive dance routine and then talk, talk, and only talk (plus some visual eye candy). The customers would get stimulated with a half-naked man onstage, but without releasing that stimulated hormones or at least tabling anyone, they leave the gay bar unsatisfied.

So fine, if you really want to release some sexual energy with a paid man, just spend your P2,000 in a massage place in Quezon City, along Kamias, Kamuning, or the Scout Triangle area. May room ka na, may kasama pang therapeutic massage, oily skin, and that so-called extra service. Kung yun talaga habol mo, sex, then go for it. Just outside the gay bar though.

If not, just spend P2,000 for that monthly internet subscription to download free porn. Or, sign up to one month's subscription of a gay porn site in the US, for $39 a month. 

And then, there's that ice cream stick for only P20. Relive your young gay fantasies, while licking that hard and sticky 8-incher. Your P2000 then can really go a very long way. 100 sticks to be exact.

P.S. The rates above are merely ballpark figures, as each bar has their own entrance fees, MD drink rates, service charges, and kung anek-anek na taxes. I suggest you keep an extra P500 bill hidden inside your wallet, only to be used for emergency purposes.

GB Goer
Learn more: Lessons from Gay Bars in Manila
email: char.affairs@gmail.com
twitter: @gbgoer

Photo credits: Screen shot grabbed from Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cxf-m9pU7pQ&feature=related


  1. galing mo talaga!! hehehe!!you can spend less if your tanawan..i did that ..spend only 500 sa dreamboys..just watch the show..obligatory drink-2 pineapple juice- may tip pa sa waiter..mas mahal pa yung binayaran ko sa taxi..wala na kasing bus pauwi..

  2. ps....di ka naman palalabasin kung abutin ng syam syam yung drinks mo..unti unti mo lang..o kaya damihan mo ng yelo...sa dreamboys ..di sila madamot sa yelo..may steady supply ka..hehehe

  3. hongmohol. ano naman gagawin niyo ng nai-table na MD for the rest of the time?

  4. GB Goer was this the time we spent around 27K?

  5. sa 2K, massage with ES ( sex ) na yan hahaha sa Massage parlor or rent boys on line, hmmm GB , i have e emailed you before, kasi naman gusto ko i try ang gay bar, but feeling ko parang i have to invest sa time , meaning chika chika , getting to know the guy ekek, dont consider na the budget, parang ang gusto ko the sleazier the better haha, all the way nakedness

  6. katuwa naman ,ako rin yung unang nag post, well haaaay, how will i spent the money??? PERFECT ang tip mo sister, kumbaga sa board exam eh, PATOK NA PATOK, hahaha, ako kasi ateh eh super duper busy with work, i cannot imagine sitting for 3 hrs just watching ,then as your friends say uuwi na, rather spent that 3 hrs in bed with a guy, but the next question is WHO WILL BE THE GUY?? sana ma addict ka rin sa massage parlor hahahah, para merong LEAKAGE on where to go, who to get na hindi palpak, the remaining option will be boogie wonderland, kaya lang either super mahal o worst , lolokohin ka, myself, i have done the rounds of MP, haaay, one ,mas maraming miss- either chaka o bisexual, 2nd , nowadays , puro raids, so afraid ang beauty ko, online rentboys-- hmm 90% chaka doll din, i have tried boogie , OK naman , class A talaga hahaha, pero class A din ang price, naku sister yung 9 K mo ,pang model na rate na yun hahahahaaay, any bloggers u know who specializes and focus on MP, buti ka pa share talaga pati price at least it helps sa kagaya kong beki , now i know dapat pala at least 300 ang tip, hehe

  7. WOW.

    This was REALLY informative (and quite the eye-opener too). The costs bewilder me, haha

  8. hi kamote yup pwede mag tanawan, pero di ako nasasatisfy, lalo na when i eye someone i like to get to know. when i was in dreamboys, i tabled one guy and bought him one drink. i think P700 ata inabot sa bill ko (without tip).

  9. hi greenbreaker ano gagawin? landian. getting to know you, and then landian. ang mga magagaling na MD, lalandiin ka rin, to the effect na there's some chance for you to take him outside. so lalandiin ka to make sure masulit yung binayad mo.

  10. hi anonymous i think i know who you are (gawa ka naman ng code name haha). yes it was that same night.

  11. hi marvin email na kita, para hindi puro here sa blog nag uusap.

    but no, i don't think i'll get addicted with massage boys. i go to massage parlors also, but for me, the objective is clear: sex. and sex without that mushy-lovey-dovey shit. thus, my interaction with the boys there are clinical (after doing it, baboo), and this won't allow me to be as addicted to them.

    and besides, di naman ako yung type na malaswa to create posts about my reco for sex (massage parlors). malandi oo. malaswa, hindi. hehe

  12. hi rocky yeap. especially for those high-rollers who spend P10K a night. sometimes i just ask myself, where do these people get their wealth to spend such money in a gay bar?

  13. hi GB Goer ~ would you know whether sugarboyz (formerly mr world in caloocan) is still open? if so, would you know the address? cheers! donnie

  14. Hi Donnie, sorry I am not too sure. I haven't been to the gay bars in that side of Metro Manila. Though, there's a Mr. World in Timog already, and it may not be the same.

  15. grabe,noh pero somewhere in europe you can access to any gay bar w/out this exagerated cost ,free sex pa LOL...magbabayad ka ng entrance tas free drinks ok na yun...kc ang gaybar d2 sa pilipinas is about prostitution...dapat ipagbawal nila yang table table na yan para kcng palengke ang loob ng gaybar ng pilipinas lol...anyway thx sa info..GOd bless philippines...

  16. hi anonymous saan yan sa europe? mapuntahan nga. baka naman hindi macho dancing gay bar or stripper club yan, kundi yung "gay club"?

  17. dapat pantay trato nila sa customer kaya pala lahat ng gay bar mahina ngayon kasi kahit tanawan lang ang customer income pa rin nila iyon pano kung may liman table na puro tanawan lang hindi ba sila kikita sa mga iyon? kaya nalulugi sila madaming gay bar na ang nagsasara kasi lugi tama di ba?

  18. Hi Donnie I talked with one of the managers in Planet Xanadu, who worked in Mr. World before. Sugarboyz in Caloocan is closed already.

  19. I was just wondering what other cost would entail me in VIP rooms aside from the 2090 (adonis) that i will have to pay?

    Why is it "dance supposedly"? Hindi ba sasayaw ang MD? and what can be done inside the VIP room which is within the bar's allowable limits?

  20. Hi Roy

    P2090 is for one hour. To extend to another hour, just add P590 (which is one MD drink cost in a VIP room). And it's P2090 PER person ha. Na-goyo kami ng friend ko dun, kala namin pwede i-split.

    Other costs? Ummm tip for the guy? As you are in a VIP room, these guys MAY expect for you to be generous in your tipping. But they'll accept anything I guess.

    Dance supposedly... That's the come-on, 3 dances by the guy. But what the MDs will initially do is strike up a conversation and try to sustain it (read previous post on "Private Lap Dances"), hoping to avoid the dance. The newbies will be too shy or too fearful to dance, while the veterans may just feel it unnecessary and that they would still earn your tip even without the dance. They can smell the hesitance of a newbie customer, so they'd pounce on the opportunity not to dance. But they can also smell an aggressive, balahura one as well.

    So I suggest that if you really want them to dance, then insist, like "Akala ko may 3 sayaw na kasama dito sa VIP?"

    What can be done inside the VIP room? "Anything", "kung anu-ano", "bahala ka" are typical replies by the managers. Read previous post on "VIP Room Pt 2"). I think some have scored a f*ck already. As to how they managed to ask for it (esp how much tip they paid afterwards), and if it became dressing room gossip fodder after, I am just not too sure.

    Good luck! Balitaan mo ako if you decide to try the VIP Room. =)

  21. Thank you, i have always wanted to try the VIP but i am not sure of the cost and would it really worth my money.

    I am a bar goer too and been to many gay bars in the country... hehe... pero nanood lang and then an hour before i plan to leave i made sure i table someone para naman hindi ako maging taga tanauan... pero i can't find someone i like to table with... keber bahala na tawagin akong taga tanauan. I also make sure na makapag bigay ako sa mga naga area... although may downside siya kasi pag nagbibigay ka sa isa, lalamutakin ka na ng iba... kaya i always make sure na meron akong 100 peso bills na dala.

  22. Hi Roy Haha pareho tayo. Actually, malaking bahagi ng pera ko, napupunta lang sa tips. Puro mga P100 bills (like, I buy a pack of cigarettes with a P1000 bill and insist getting change na puro P100 bills). Pero now, natuto na ako mag-"no" kung sino man ang lumapit. Kasi tama ka, once magbigay ka sa isa, susunod na yung iba.

    So, will you try a VIP room? Try mo lang kahit once. At least nasabi mong nagawa mo nang mag VIP. =)

  23. hahaha tama, i also learned to say No!, pero minsan nakakainis kasi pag nag NO ka, wala na ring pupunta sayo or kung meron man, very rarely.... and then yong gusto mo sanang lumapit eh di na rin lalapit. :(

    Yeah, i know i should try VIP... para mawala na ang curiosity... grabe naman ang mahal naman just to satisfy my curiosity. I could have a good time sa SPA with the money i would be spending sa VIP hehehe.

  24. Hi Roy Hmmm dapat maki-close ka sa floor manager, para kung may type ka bigyan ng tip, ipatawag mo yung lalaki sa kanya para lumapit ang lalaki. but the cycle goes on, kasi once na makita nilang nagbigay ka sa isa, lalapit na rin yung mga susunod. Odd. Pera-pera lang din talaga.

    As they say, curiosity killed the cat... and its wallet too. chos.

  25. I remember before i would bring extra 100s bills just in case i need to eat after the GB visits or just have it as emergency money for the trip afterwards. But in most instances, I would end up with a 'bleeding heart with arrows'. Like every saint, my bleeding heart starts hurting whenever my visit starts winding down and the boys would start forming a line in front of me and asking for 'kahit pamasahe lang'. oftentimes, scratching their necks or squeezing my hands as they force themselves onto my lap and sling out their 'treasures', enticing me to reconsider touching them.

    The real hardup ones would avoid your eyes and ask for tips apologetically---seemingly shy about the forced circumstance they find themselves in---asking for spare change to cover for their next expense for the night, or more precisely, for the early morning.

    One funny experience comes to mind at the now-defunct bar in an alleyway 1 block away from Isetann Recto.

    I remember i came in around 10pm when no one was around. i sat at the back in the middle, as i was the only customer there. I had 1 tall then-sexy chinito/mestizo buff guy sitting with me (aka "Do-zen", who transferred to the established bar along Roxas Blvd in 2009 and apparently gained hefty weight, as reported by a former workmate now working in aurora blvd).

    I gave him 2 drinks and just gave him a tip afterwards. But once i settled for the bill, the other boys came one by one, like children on christmas day, asking for a small tip. It was 3am, and the nerdy looking fellow who came in around midnight decided not to stay when he realized that none of the boys went 'all-the-way' on stage.

    I ended up giving every boy a hundred bucks. It never got to hold any of their treasures, but it did leave a good impression to them and a saintly reputation. Its not practical, but it sure is fun having a good reputation preceding you--not for handing out alot of money, but sharing a few it when its most needed. ~ donnie

  26. hi po.. help po..san po pwede pumunta para makakuha ng CUTE pero CHEAP na MD? may gay friend po kasi ako na cecelebrate ng birthday nya.. house party un and gagawin namin na parang bridal shower.. 1000 to 1500 lang po talaga ung kaya namin na budget sa MD for 2hrs.. meron po bang ganon?.. san po kami pwede pumunta? or may alam po ba kayo o marerefer? last sat pa po kasi sana to kasi na.resked dahil wala po kami makita MD.. thank you po...

  27. hi anonymous. hindi ko alam kung saan makakahanap ng cute na cheap na MD. meron akong ideas though, but i am not sure if feasible. email me: char.affairs@gmail.com

  28. saan po ba ako pwede mag aral ng hosto dance?? may nagtuturo ba pra dto??

  29. wow!didn't know may vat plng ksma s bill pg s manila.try nyo baguio.wlng vat & kung magaling ka,maiuuwi mo p cla ng libre(for us girl's ganun).patago xempre.i've been going to gaybars here in baguio and 2k? hmmm..... 150 entrance (consumable...2 drinks...75 isa),300 per MD and tips s mga MD?it's up 2 u.but they're ok w/ or w/o it.un nga lang wla ung 1 hr dpt clng mag stay per drink.pwede nilang ubusin agad.pwede mong kauspin ung MD pero xempre mas bet nilang makarami.depende sa diskarte mo.so,pwedeng 5 MD & 4 drinks for you.my 100 png matitira.(wla png pulutan dun...depende syo) all in all,sulit nmn pg d2.looking forward 2 visit GB's in manila this 2012...and this blog helped a lot.at least my idea n aq...thankzzzz...=)

  30. Wow! I so love this post. I wanna try the VIP, kahit once lang bahala na magastos. Try anything once.

    Thanks for the tips!

  31. Hello GB-fanatic.. thanks for the info and have some ideas now on where and how to deal with these MD's when coming to these places..

  32. I was laughing at the end of this blog post. Though it was written two years ago, I was really thinking of how much would you really spend going into gay bars. I've been to only one, Solutions, located in Pasay and I had never asked someone to seat with me. I just really don't know what topic to discuss with these MDs.

    I plan to visit one in Aurora Blvd, but quite hesitant because was thinking it might get raided. The other established bars are a bit far already so no intentions to spend time there. But anyway, hope you update your blog again with the latest information. Good job!.. ;)

  33. I was laughing at the end of the blog post because I was really thinking of how much you'll spend in going to gay bars. I experienced going to Solutions but never tried asking someone to seat with me because I am not sure about the topic we should discuss. I was hoping to visit other bars along Cubao, but quite hesitant because it might get raided by police. :)


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