Monday, January 24, 2011

All the Way: The Long and Short of It

The macho dancers of any gay bar can be generally and loosely classified into three groups, based on the amount of flesh they bare.

First, there are the models / GROs / hostos -- those who are fully clothed the entire night, and are not allowed to dance on-stage. Then, there are the typical macho dancers, those popularly imitated in television or movies, who would dance seductively in their bare torsos and underwear, but never removing this last piece of clothing on their body (except if there’s another bikini inside it). The last group, which is usually the reason why a gay guy or woman goes into a gay bar in the first place, is the so-called “all the way.”

Before my initiation to the gay bar world of Manila, I had an impression that every single macho dancer showed their private parts. So if I liked a macho dancer who resembled last year’s most popular matinee idol, all I had to do was wait for him to get up the stage and strip.

Apparently, only a select few can apply as a so-called “all the way” boy (ATW; like stripping all the way) or tigas (in English, “hard” = showing hard dick).

All customers expect ATW boys to be uhmmm… well-endowed, just like in porn. But, wait, well-endowed Filipinos? It may sound like an oxymoron, but, yes there are some. Based on what I see, the average tigas had a thick 7 to 9 inch cock. And that’s why only a select few can join this privileged circle.

But even if they got it, not everyone can do it.

I’ve asked some macho dancers why they didn’t choose to be all-the-way strippers. Most said they were nahihiya or shy to reveal all. Another said he didn’t want to lose his dignity, protecting his only remaining “private” part. Some simply just smiled and shook their heads. Kudos to their modesty, or decency.

Once a tigas, always a tigas? Maybe. According to one dancer, an ATW boy applies to be as one. They are not forced nor required by management to expose, except if the boy entered into the biz as such. In one bar, all newbie applicants are asked if they’d be applying as a tigas, where the usual answer is no. This somewhat freaks out some applicants, especially when the only openings in the bar are for full-frontal boys. In another bar, due to their special skill, the ATW boys have a clique group of their own. I won’t be surprised if all ATW boys know each other, after months or years being employed from one bar to another as an “all the way” dancer.

Then I got a chance to meet personally one of these all-the-way, tigas boys. As Ringo said that night, I've already crossed the boundaries -- from a more wholesome macho dancer to the more daring ATW boy. That’s the topic of my next post.

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