Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All the Way: It’s a Hard Life

What you see on stage looks different up close.

Do you know how an all-the-way macho dancer’s dick stays hard for so long? The secret is at the base of their penises. It’s not obvious when they’re on stage, but when you look closely (admit it, you’d like to see a hard dick up close), you’ll find a rubber band tied at the base. These constrict blood flow to the already erect penis, making it stand longer. But before tying their dicks, they’d lather their genitals with lotion first. Without lotion, the rubber would stick to the skin, making it more painful to untie.

“Do these hurt?” I asked the tigas seated beside me last Saturday.

It was the first time ever I tabled an all-the-way boy. His name was “Rogers”, working there as a newbie tigas for two months (which I didn’t believe, because the manager told me he has been working there for almost a year, but had to “rest” for some time). From the stage amidst the deceptive bright lights, he looked twinky-boyish enough to pass as a G.R.O/model. I wondered though why he hasn’t caught my attention yet, having been to the bar numerous times already. Possibly, I was just so focused on the more handsome models and dancers, that I shun the buff-bodied monstrous tigas when they’re on stage.

Monstrous. And I wasn’t even referring to the size of their dicks.

It’s common to see not-so-handsome full-frontal boys in these bars. Maybe I have high standards (yeah as if), or that these more mature buffed-up guys aren’t really my type (I like ‘em chinito young ones). But it seems that the good looking (or at least passable average-looking) guys are reserved to be models or dancers. One manager even remarked, "why make a handsome boy do all-the-way, if he can get tabled with his looks alone." So the ones left to bare everything somehow fail the looks test.

No wonder I hardly notice these boys seated with the customers. No one buys them drinks, hence, no commission. No one tables them, hence, no big tips.

Maybe they get more indecent proposals by D.O.G.s (Dirty Old Gays). Maybe they get requested in private VIP rooms more often. Maybe they get tipped higher with more customers when they roam around the room naked. At least, maybe they get a higher daily budget than their non-exhibitionist co-workers.

Apparently, not so much. Almost the same budget for all, with a difference of P50-P100 per night, with or without clothing. And I originally thought that the superstars of any gay bar, those earning the most, would be those boys exposing their entire bodies.

Come to think of it, who gets higher pay -- Hollywood actors who rarely expose themselves, or full-frontal pornstars doing every imaginable thing in a straight-to-video handbook for gay sex? That's a rough comparison for this industry. But hey, paid boys for entertainment are still paid boys.

Even when they do their rounds among the customers during their "area" (see related post on definition), as they approach the tables with their schlongs hanging out, a few tigas boys would simply plead “tip lang po, para pamasahe lang (Just asking for some tip, for fare)." After weaving through the customers in the "area" they were assigned to get tips, they go back to their dressing room with maybe P300 or P400 per boy; lucky if they get P1000 each. And that’s on a customer-filled Saturday.

So if these all-the-way boys exert much more effort than the others in the bar, then why won’t they switch to being regular models or pa-sexy macho dancers? I never asked. Maybe because I knew the answer. Which is the same reason why I haven’t tabled a tigas for almost a year since I started going to gay bars.

They weren’t just that good looking. Harsh, yes.

Nasanay na kami sa sakit (we got used to the pain),” responded Rogers with my question on tying their dicks with rubber bands.  

He showed me how his was tied when he approached me during their naked dance routine. He stood up in front of me, and let me feel where the rubber touched skin and hair. He teasingly asked for me to remove it, which I declined. I didn’t want to hurt him more, by accidentally breaking the rubber band. I just told him to sit beside me, so he could comfortably remove the rubber band himself. I let him lean on me the entire night, while he was still bare naked with only a piece of cloth covering his assets. Up close, I finally saw what he really looked like.

That night, I did not exchange cell phone numbers with Roger. I knew I wouldn’t table him again. Not because of his personality, or his dick size, or the fact that he’s a tigas. It was something more superficial.

The reason? What I thought I saw on stage looked different up close. It’s the hard truth.

GB Goer
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  1. This is true, but i have been to a few gay bars also were those who do all the way could pass the "looks" test.

  2. hi wizzdumb. yeah, you're right. i could name a few already. even the md im getting now is an all-the-way guy.

  3. Hi GBG,
    Can you please e-mail me some of the names of this MD bar... hehe! I've been waiting for your email kz e.. I want to go to one that has lots of ATW dancers :-).. Thank you!


  4. can u message me about bars with alot of all the way dancers..=)) tnx


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