Friday, August 10, 2012

Now You Nose

Tomas* has become one of the popular models at the gay bar he worked for, named after a lifelike wooden carving. A typical gay bar macho dancer, he has transferred from various establishments over the past couple of years. He only had a few regular customers in those previous bars. Yet, he only struck gold at the last bar he worked for. 

Only a few know the secret to his success. Unless you've really observed him before and after his latest transfer... or transformation. 

Tomas already looked promising before. Despite being a typical probinsyano lad (you could tell from his strong accent), he's tall and fair-skinned. Before building up his chest and shoulders, he already had a lean frame, but on the skinny side. But what kept him from truly standing out among his co-workers was his face; he looked ordinary. His high cheekbones or sculptured jawline were not enough to make him look like a top gay bar model.

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