Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mga Saloobin ng Baguhan sa Night-men

Isang Sabado ng gabi, nagpunta ako sa isang gay bar sa Aurora, na itatago ko sa pangalang Night-men*. Kilala itong bar dahil sa dami ng lantarang notes na pinapakita rito sa loob, at lalo na ng malayang paghawak ng customer sa mga notes ng lalaki. Padaan ako sa bar, at naisipang magpunta, kahit sandali lang.   

Pagkatapos ng dalawang bote, paglabas ko ng bar, niyaya ako ng inupo kong macho dancer na si Archie* na kumain ng agahan bago kami magsiuwian.

Archie (short for Archuleta): Antayin mo ako sa labas. Bibihis lang ako. Kain tayo ha.

GBG: Okay. Sa kotse mo na ako puntahan. (Sa loob-loob ko: Akala ko ang usapan natin may iba tayong gagawin, at hindi ang pagkain ng agahan?)

Archie (pagkalabas at bihis na): Sama natin si Nicos* ha.

GBG: Ahhh....

At sa likod ni Archie, lumabas si Nicos, na nakabihis na rin ng pang-uwi. Si Nicos naman ang inupo ko sa bar na yun noong nakaraang araw, bago si Archie. Tulad ng gabing yun, hindi rin ako nagtagal sa bar. Dalawang drinks lang. Sa lahat ng dancer sa bar na yun, si Nicos lang ang natipuhan ko. Ngunit, noong pagbalik ko noong Sabado, mas marami nang dancer ang pumasok. At doon ko nakitang may mga mas okay pa pala kay Nicos. Kaya si Archie ang inupo ko.     

GBG: Okay sige. (Sa loob-loob ko: Akala ko tayong dalawa lang? Ano kaya magagawa nating tatlo? Di ako ready mag-tatluhan... ie. threesome. Ah. Siguro, kaya mo rin siya isinama no? Para chaperone na hindi lang tayong dalawa sa kotse, at hindi mangyari yung tinutukso at binubulong mo sakin kanina...)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hosto Files: Part 3

(Continued from Part 2)

Ang mga hosutos ng Japan

All-hosto bar. Macho dancing bar. Despite these bars employing similar kinds of guys offering paid personal entertainment, my experience inside the hosto bar is different from the macho dancing bar.

For one thing, the bar's stage is without any stripping man. There is nothing to look at, except for the stage lights, the clean walls, the occasional shows on the bar's TV set, and the waiters walking about. There are bars which have some singing on-stage, some comedic performances, and some dance routines, performed all throughout the night. But depending on the bar's entertainment lineup (if they do have performances scheduled that night), these usually happen at a much later time in the night. 

Yes, at a later time. While the bar usually opens around 10 or 11PM, the party only peaks at 3AM. I remember my friends and I being the only customers in the all-hosto bar around 12 midnight. We were not bored as we had some hostos in our company. But we were wondering why, time and again, the bar gets filled only after 3AM. What's so special about the time?

Oh yes, the bar girls. This is the time they arrive.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hosto Files: Part 2

(Continued from Part 1)

Our first foray into a hosto bar was around this time last year, when my friends and I got somewhat tired of the macho dancing bars and decided to explore other types of bars. 

When we entered the bar, we knew the bar didn't feature naked strippers. But that fact didn't stop us from staying and even returning again and again. What got us hooked were how decent-looking the men were -- properly gelled/waxed hair, their version of porma clothing, and entertaining one-on-one conversations. The lack of something to watch (ie. male strippers on stage) forced these men to entertain us with stories and jokes, unlike in the macho dancing bars where a customer can be content with just watching a naked guy dance onstage.

And of course, what we liked the most was how cheap the MD drinks were in that bar. Our bill was way below our average in the macho dancing gay bar. Even just half, I think. Not bad for a paid one-on-one "date" with a guy of your choice. 

Some hostos during their modeling

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hosto Files: Part 1

There was a time in my gay bar going that I frequented a hosto bar. Almost every weekend night, and including some weekdays, I was there with my gay bar going friend.

Now I realized, it's been a year since my misadventures with hostos.

Thinking about it, I haven't written about hostos that much in this blog, despite the term being included in this blog's URL "machos and hostos." Most of the entries focused on macho dancers, but nothing specifically on hostos. 

It may be because I haven't encountered them again since I started this blog.

What is a hosto anyway? Funny thing is, I get a lot of questions about this, even though I thought the term was widely known, as the term "macho dancer." Perhaps, talking to actual hostos, I got a sense of what they are, and how different they are from macho dancers.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Stage Light Effect

"Napuntahan ko na ang gay bar na may pinakamaraming guwapong macho dancer na nakita ko (I have been to the gay bar with the most handsome macho dancers)," I keep telling my friends over the past few weeks. 

I've been to that gay bar once previously, but was not really impressed with the selection of men they had that time, which were few and a bit on the oldie side. However, when I visited the bar again, together with my MD friend, two weeks ago, I was surprised to see a great bunch of guys that fit in my concept of male beauty. 

When I returned to that gay bar after my first visit a year ago, I sat down non-chalantly and expecting nothing new would surprise me.  The one dancing when I arrived was just so-so (I can't even remember who he is or how he looked like). But then those who followed him made me re-think my view of the bar. 

I even remember texting my friend at that time, "Ngayon lang ako nakakita na sunud-sunod na guwapo ang umakyat sa stage (This is the only time I've seen handsome guys going up the stage one after the other)."