An Introduction

An edited re-post of my first blog entry: Some Sort of Intro, December 21, 2010

I've been going regularly to some of Manila's gay bars (more in the Pasay-Paranaque areas than the ones in Quezon City) for a year now.

No, I am not a rich gay old businessman nor a lonely matrona -- stereotypes of regular customers in these bars. I am from a generation of gay guys who have discovered easier and more popular ways to be titillated by men, via gay-friendly social networking sites, mirc circa early 2000s, gay clubs in Malate, bathouses, saunas, massage parlors and online masseurs. For me at this age to be patronizing these macho dancer institutions means that I am either way too young for these older-clientele bars or way too late for these bars' heydays in the 80s and 90s.

Since the time I've experienced my first "table" twelve months ago, I've been yearning to read information about gay bars -- not just the usual physical descriptions, rates, and locations as focused by some gay blogs and websites -- but more in-depth, insightful, highly personal, or gossip-worthy accounts from "more experienced" patrons. Yeah, there are some info on this topic in the web, but mostly bloggers' one-time or first-time personal experiences. But, none of the kind of info I've been looking for -- something more emotional, more personal, more detailed that I can relate with, kumbaga, with all the highs and lows I've experienced in these bars.

So while driving home from a GB session, I realized I will just start my own blog. Typical of bloggers.

I've gotten to know a lot of those working in these bars (from macho dancers to hostos, from tranvestite impersonators to gay managers), and even had close relationships with some of them. I just want to write down and document my most memorable experiences, anecdotes, hearsays, some gay bar secrets, and maybe insights on being a patron in these bars. I feel I just have too much to share from my bi-monthly (and sometimes weekly) visits, which my gay pals and I call "skemper."

As this blog will mostly be about essays or features about the macho dancing gay bar industry, I will refrain from touching on very serious or very sexual topics that may be a bit controversial or that are covered by other websites or news articles, such as:
  • In-depth insider information from the point of view of a macho dancer, hosto, or bar/floor manager. An account of the ins-and-outs of the trade. (Though I will offer a few tips for customers)
  • Investigative journalism or expose for tabloid news (Shutting down these institutions is the last thing I want. And please excuse my not-so-perfect grammar)
  • Socio-historical analysis on the "plight" of these men and a study on how to uplift their status in society (Discussion and debates about these will surely be endless)
  • A gay guide to "score" with a straight guy (I just wish I knew how to)
  • Blog on sexual encounters with "paid men" (I know, I know. These stories are fun to read, especially when you're alone in your room at night. But sorry, not in this blog site. I don't think I can write fantasy stories with an erotic theme)

Just a note: To put an air of mystery, I won't use the actual names of the gay bars in this blog. The names of macho dancers in the blog are NOT their actual bar "stage names", which are also pseudonyms to protect their real identities. All names here have been tweaked a bit – with an added little hint on their bar "stage names" (for clues, think local actor, actor's real name, Hollywood movie star, singer, model, or other pop culture reference). 

Examples: "Brad" for a macho dancer named "Benjamin" (of Curious Case of Benjamin Button, starring Brad Pitt), or "Crowe" for a hosto named "Russell"

Again, only for the curious. Leave a comment or two in any blog post. Email me for whatever is on your mind. I do reply. =) 


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  1. Amazing introduction. Nice concept for a blog!

  2. hi elmer. thanks for the comment. so, have you visited a gay bar before? =)

  3. hi G.B. Goer,
    your blog is very informative. keep up the good work.


  4. Hi John, thanks for the message. Keep on reading for more articles.

  5. I love your blog!!

  6. Thanks Ms. Anonymous. Thanks for emailing as well. =)

  7. I learn so much from reading your blogs.. I simply love everything you writ. I want to see the great man behind this blogs.. (in pic.) hehehe..

  8. Thanks Unknown. When will I show myself? In due time....

  9. im one of your thousands readers online.. working as a customer representative in one of the major companies in the metro.. having real hard time to finish every days work.. till i found this much interesting blog.. been in a gaybar once in mylife... im in my mid 20's and curious in the scene.. been in "gents" in qc as what as you disguise.. been curious a lot since then.. start researching and found your blog.. i would like to thank you though for the experiences you shared for every one.. for all the facts.. makes my day so easier since we cant open anything online @ work.. there was this time im much more excited going to work cause im going to finished reading your story for mc dreamy.. and for this stuff is so much interesting in anyway for me.. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU.. moving forward.. maybe this xmas eve.. ill be spending my time alone in one of the bars, taking your story and lessons with me.. tired of my life though for as always it may seem.. gay clubbing dont work for me no more cause im also tired of the chasing game.. well... at the end of the day... i believe we can be more happier.. hope to hear new stories from you keep it up.. who knows il be one of those who is willing to be GB goer as you... MANY THANKS!!!!


  10. Hi Emanon. Salamat! I replied to your email already. =)

  11. thanks... any bars you would suggest? just email me.. thanks..

  12. Hi, i am living in new york for 11 years now and once ko lang na try pumasok sa GB dito. Karamihan nung mga dancers nila dun ay mga latino. I experienced the lap dance of one performer and you will really get hard coz of the friction. That was a $ 20 lap dance. Another strip bar we went to is Cheetah in Orlando, Fl. This is a girlie bar and the girls here a wild. You can touch any part of their body while they lap dance. You can kiss them french kiss too and slide your finger inside their skimppy bikinis. Most of the dancers are latinas and russians. In Manila, never pa ako nakapasok sa mga GB dyan pero I might try after reading your blog.


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