Traveler's Manila Gay Bar Guide

Thanks to a few foreigner readers for the idea.

As a prologue, feel free to read existing posts about non-Filipinos in Manila's gay bars (click on orange font below):
I've split the content into three parts. Part 1 will mostly be about Introduction to Metro Manila, while Parts 2 and 3 will each focus on the two areas where most gay bars are located and how to get there. Insider information about those bars will be out of scope for this guide.

PART 1: Introduction to Metro Manila and its Cities
There are two main areas for macho dancing gay bars in Metro Manila. Read here for details of Part 1.
Black box: Makati or Manila (where you may be staying)
Encircled red: the two areas where macho dancer bars are located.

PART 2: The Macho Dancing Gay Bars at the Pasay-Paranaque-Manila City Areas
This area is the nearest to Makati City, the Central Business District of Metro Manila and where most 5-star hotels are located.

The major bars here are: Big Papa, Solution Disco and KTV, White Bird, and Machette / Machette-CoastBay Bars.

Click here for the details for those bars (Part 2).

PART 3: The Quezon City Macho Dancing Gay Bars
This city, around 30 minutes to an hour away from Makati (depending on the traffic), are where most of the gay bars in Metro Manila are. Best to go here if you stay long in Metro Manila.

Two areas in Quezon City are notable for their gay bars. These are:

  1. Timog Avenue area: Adonis gay bar, Club Mankind, Makisig Entertainment bar, Mr. World, and Planet/Prince Xanadu.  
  2. Aurora Boulevard stretch, where most seedy small bars are located: Dream Boyz Bar, Hotmen, and Emotion Hunks.

Click here for the details of the Quezon City bars (Part 3).

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