Monday, October 31, 2011

Top Stares of Macho Dancers in Gay Bars

Much have been said about the eye contact among gays. Like what I read from Simply Manila way back, on how to get someone's attention by making eye contact. Or how to spot gays or bisexuals from Manila Gay Guy, just by the so-called "deep eye contact." It happens quite a lot in gay clubs, where almost everyone in the club tries to look for their next trick just by staring, and hoping that their prospect stares back.  

Then there is the macho dancing gay bar. A feast for the gay guy's eyes. Where it's not illegal or shameful to stare at half-naked torsos or semi-erect bulges or full-frontal nudity. 

But what if the macho dancer looks back? He sees you looking at him as you try to undress him even more or imagine him how he looks like in bed, just with your eyes. His eyes lock in and focus on you. Exciting? Just like in your favorite cum shot where the actor looks lustfully into the camera after a big load. 

In the gay bar, we do get a lot of stares from macho dancers, mostly from those we do not know or got to know once before. It's not just limited to the seductive looks they give on-stage. It can be a simple "can you see me" look that they give when they're waiting at the far end of the bar as you're in your table and trying to see at the distance who among the macho dancers are available to be "tabled" beside you. 

And when they catch you staring, with their penetrating eyes, these men look back with a lingering stare, seeming as if they want to devour you as their next victim that night or so forth. Sounds familiar, especially with this weekend's fright night theme?

Thus, for this blog post, I am compiling the top stares and looks that gay bar customers can get inside the gay bar at night. And In keeping with the Halloween theme, I decided to depict these various looks using photos of whom I think are the best at that lingering stare: vampires. Or at least, the handsome actors who are part of vampire TV shows or movies, particularly the more recent ones which are growing in popularity.   

So, to show you how a macho dancer can look at you inside the gay bar at night, I present the various vampires of recent TV shows or movies:

Friday, October 28, 2011

Signs of a Newbie Macho Dancer

(Or the opposite: Signs that a Macho Dancer is NOT New in the Industry)

A question that's asked to a tabled macho dancer: How long have you been working as a macho dancer?

I don't know why, but for some reason, macho dancers want to give that aura to their customers that they're new in the business. Either they claim that this was their first time in this job. Or that particular bar was the first bar they entered in. Or that they say they're new in that particular bar, like 2-4 months or always less than a year (but don't mention that they've worked in other bars before). 

Lolobelles, retire na po.
Would customers not like them if they knew that the guy has been a macho dancer since he was in his teen years? Is there a "turned off" factor when we customers find out that they're not new in the industry anymore?

I don't think so. But maybe it's because there's a perception that older gay guys like fresh young meat, and not over-the-hill dancers in their late 20s. Or that virgin gay bar goers, girls and gays alike, would prefer tabling someone also new in the industry, for fear of being manipulated in their chosen guy's hands. 

Perhaps there are those who mind and those who don't. Matter of preference. 

To spot a macho dancer who has been in the business for quite some time (years of experience plus number of bars he has worked in previously) can be easy for a regular gay bar goer. The frequent customer can determine if the newly employed dancer in his favorite bar has had macho dancing experience before, just by the way the guy acts. That customer can also spot a very fresh newbie macho dancer, especially once that dancer steps on the stage to perform.

Here are the signs that a macho dancer is new in the industry or is just claiming that he's new (ie. working in the industry for a long time now) -- or the bagong-bago vs the bagong-lipat:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Selos Factor

Oh, the games people play.

Jimmy was surprised why he was not chosen by Rhey.

The 24 year old macho dancer has been sitting with one of the walk-in lady customers, when he saw one of his regulars, Rhey, a 42 year old gay guy, enter the bar. 

Jimmy wondered. It was a weekday night, and that particular regular customer would only go on weekend nights. Also, Rhey didn't text him earlier that he'd be arriving. Come to think of it, he wondered, Rhey hasn't been texting him for a few days now.

Jimmy glanced where Rhey would be sitting. A few tables away. Good, far from where he is at. When Rhey scanned the room, Jimmy grabbed his beer, slouched on the couch, and averted his gaze. I hope Rhey wouldn't see me beside another customer, Jimmy thought.

Rhey has been that gay bar's customer for some months now. He's been going around the macho dancing gay bar circuit for years, and in every bar he's been to, he has had at least one dancer he became serious with. He has already asked two dancers before to stop working with a monthly allowance (known as "binahay" / "housed"). In the previous bar he used to frequent, he already gave close to P100K to the boy he got enamored with. Too bad, that boy left him for another customer, a woman in her late 30s who also proposed marriage. Heartbroken, Rhey transferred to a new bar and saw someone he knew he'd fall for. 

Jimmy was his type -- fair-skinned and boyish-looking, the types who join TV reality show contests as  skinny tambay boys, but with the right clothes, the right haircut, the right weight, the right smile, transform into matinee idols. 

The first time Rhey tabled Jimmy a couple of months ago, he knew he was smitten. They've been exchanging text messages once in a while, and the more Rhey got to know Jimmy, the more he got hooked. Rhey wanted them to have something more than the typical customer-MD relationship.

Thus, Rhey made sure Jimmy knew of his richness and power. He'd always buy Jimmy six to ten drinks in every visit. He made sure that Jimmy wouldn't get a tip lower than P1,500. He has even dangled the idea of buying a motorcycle for Jimmy, which made the macho dancer's eyes widen. 

That's why a few days ago, when Rhey asked Jimmy to spend a night with him in his condo, he wondered why Jimmy's reply was "Sorry, di ako pwede. May lakad ako sa gabing yun. (Sorry, I am not available. I have another thing that night)." 

Rhey insisted, and asked if they can reschedule. What Rhey got was another excuse, a lame one in his mind. They didn't exchange messages for a few days or nights after. Why Jimmy didn't even text back, Rhey just thought the macho dancer would just forget him for another customer. 

All that time, he was thinking of a simple plan to win Jimmy. Why not make him jealous? Rhey thought. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

That Inggitera Look

It was like a scene straight out of a cheap teleserye.

This line was among the hundreds of lines that stood out from the highest box-office Filipino film, "No Other Woman." For those who haven't watched the movie, the story is about a guy being torn between his wife and his I'm-not-a-mistress mistress. 

The movie's charm comes from the catty exchanges between these two equally stunning, equally rich (nouveau or old-money), equally fierce, equally palaban women. Before this film, the confrontation scenes of warring women in local cinemas or TV shows were often depicted with a tirade of insults, that leads to uncivilized sampalan, leading to sabunutan, ending with the lead actor separating the two jealous women. This movie showed that backhanded compliments, veiled insults, raised-eyebrow parinigs and bitchy one-liners give more powerful emotional blows than multiple slaps on the face.

Ironic, isn't it, that the line above was said by well-off characters who looked down upon confrontation scenes depicted in local soap operas, even if the movie from where the line came from was itself just like an extended local teleserye?

And where tall, dark and handsome men are involved, do confrontation among jealous women also occur? 

Where else, but in a macho dancing gay bar. But perhaps, not the extereme sabunutans and sampalans among the customers and these men's real wives. It can be as subtle as one look. Just one look that seems to be lifted straight out of any cheap teleserye.

And what I saw in the gay bar a few weekends ago, almost around the same time as the movie's opening weekend, was a perfect example. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Songs in a Gay Bar: Pinoy Band Love Songs

Last weekend, I decided to forego my usual gay-bar going night out and do something more wholesome with my ex-gaybar-going friend, Mary. No, we didn't go to church and confessed one year of lusting after various macho dancers. And if we did, what if the priest instructed me for my penance to pray one Hail Mary for each macho dancer I've tabled? In that case, I would have finished an entire rosary... wait, hindi pa pala aabot.

So we went videoke-singing, and not in those KTVs where customers can also get hostesses to join them in their group. 

In the middle of our singing session, I got surprised about myself when I tried to remember the title of one particular song I wanted to sing. I knew who the singer was, but I couldn't recall any of the song's phrases nor its melody. So I texted a friend for a favor: 
"Rico*, favor. Pwedeng paki hanap yung isang kanta ni Eric Santos? First single nya ata. Kung hindi mo makita, punta ka sa blog ko. Nandoon sa post abt OPM Love Songs (Can you search for this song by Erik Santos? It was one of his first singles. If you can't find it, go to my blog, then look at the post about OPM Love Songs)."  
It seemed to be a silly favor at first. But that was when I realized, shucks, why did I want to sing something that I heard in a gay bar. After going through the repertoire of songs we played in the videoke place, I also realized that a lot of those songs we chose are those we heard in the gay bar. Kahit wala na kami sa gay bar, mga kanta pa rin ng gay bar ang naririnig (at kinakanta) namin.