Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some Sort of Intro

I've been going regularly to three of Manila/Pasay's gay bars (excluding the ones in Quezon City) for less than a year now.

No, I am not a rich gay old businessman nor a lonely matrona -- stereotypes of regular customers in these bars. I am from a generation of gay guys who have discovered more popular ways to be titillated by men, via gay-friendly social networking sites, mirc circa early 2000s, gay clubs in Malate, bathouses, saunas, massage parlors and online masseurs. For me at this age to be patronizing these institutions means that I am either way too young for these older-clientele clubs or way too late from these clubs' popularity in the 80s and 90s.

Since the time I've experienced my first "table" nine months ago, I've been yearning to read information about gay bars -- not just the usual physical descriptions, rates, locations, nor the types of boys in these bars -- but more in-depth, highly personal, or gossip-worthy accounts from "more experienced" patrons. Yeah, there are some info on this topic in the web, but mostly bloggers' one-time or first-time personal experiences. But, none of the kind of info I've been looking for -- something more emotional, more personal, more detailed that I can relate with, kumbaga, with all the highs and lows I've experienced in these bars.

So while driving home from a GB session, I realized I will just start my own blog. Typical of bloggers.

I've gotten to know a lot of those working in these bars (from macho dancers to hostos, from gay impersonators to gay managers), and even had close relationships with some of them. I just want to write down and document my most memorable experiences, anecdotes, hearsay, and maybe insights on being a patron in these bars. I feel I just have too much to share from my bimonthly (and sometimes weekly) visits. 

Just a note -- To clear expectations, what you may not be reading from this blog in the future:
  • In-depth insider information from the point of view of a macho dancer, hosto, or bar/floor manager. An account of the ins-and-outs of the trade. Tips and tricks in these bars.
  • Investigative journalism or expose for news (Shutting down these institutions is the last thing I want. And please excuse my not-so-perfect grammar)
  • Socio-historical analysis on the "plight" of these men and a study on how to uplift their status in society (Discussion and debates about these will surely be endless)
  • A gay guide to "score" with a straight guy (I just wish I knew how to)
  • Blog on sexual encounters with "paid men" (Sorry, not in this blog site)

Again, only for the curious. Enjoy!

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