Thursday, January 20, 2011

The V.I.P. Room (Part 2 of 3)

So what's inside the VIP Rooms of gay bars?

Intimate was the best word to describe one of the VIP rooms of "Lord", one of Metro Manila's top gay bars. It's less than half the size of a typical shopping mall's rest room (I-compare ba ang VIP Room sa CR?). Ours had two couches forming an L against the walls, and a low table for our drinks. The room was dimly lit by a single bulb that's enough for you to do something private, but still see a boy's physical features without his obvious flaws. One of the walls also had a supposed one-way mirror -- for you to see what's happening outside without them seeing the happenings inside.

What enticed my friend Ringo and I to get a VIP room was really its privacy. We thought that the hourly price offered by the manager was reasonable enough for three solo dances from the boy and an hour's private moments with him. "Kayo na bahala" was her reply when I asked what else we could expect.

I inquired about this "bahala" with "Jeriko," Ringo's tabled boy. I was just curious, since I already had an idea what "that" might be, but never implying that "that" was the sole thing we wanted. (Hindi naman kasi sex habol namin... Love. Char! Love na may sex. Charing!!!)

His answer: Kung anu-ano. (Literal translation: If what-what. Seriously, it means "whatever").

He then proceeded to tell about his experience with a married couple inside the VIP Room. The husband instructed Jeriko to f*ck his wife while he watched. Of course, that made Jeriko uncomfortable, but it seemed he pushed through with the deed nonetheless. For me that felt like a tall tale. But giving him the benefit of the doubt, I thought it was an exception inside the VIP room rather than the rule.

Like Lord, Home Base also has a VIP room. The only story I've heard about this room was whenever this certain popular gay celebrity and his entourage arrived, they were ushered in to the private room discreetly (from the back room, i mean, back door entrance perhaps). One of his friends would then request for a show up of boys, and select from them. I knew about this because my ex boasted how once he was almost selected as one of the "lucky" boys. But a mix-up occurred among them, so he never knew what deeds or deals happened in that room thereafter.

Before "Lord," my closest experience to a VIP room was in the hosto bar, "Neighborhood."  Unlike macho dancing bars, the rooms here were not designed for intimacy. They were spacious rooms, brightly lit, with huge glass windows and KTV sets. Renting the room wasn't expensive either; my friends would just split the P2000 price, good for four hours stay. The most exciting thing we did and could do in those rooms was just to sing. Very wholesome. (And not that kind of "singing", ala gay language).

My gay friends (without me this time) have already experienced being in a VIP room in "Kingdom Come", the macho dancing bar. I think they got the KTV room for privacy, but they didn't do anything extraordinary except to sing. I guess I didn't miss much. Though I heard that while macho dancer "Tull" was singing during his turn, my friend "Ramon Jr"'s fingers were suspiciously busy underneath the pillow that Tull was holding on his crotch. Kaya pala pumipiyok daw si Tull nung kumakanta. Buti pa si Ramon Jr, naka-chancing na sa macho dancer... yun nga lang, hindi naka-table kay Ramon Jr si Tull, kundi kay RingoAgawan ba ng et-et? Buti walang sampalan at sabunutan na nangyari.

Apparently, not all dancers of Kingdom Come were "open" to the shenanigans (whatever they are) inside the VIP room. Tull was just one of the select few who would gamely play along with customer's wants or requests. Our gay manager even pointed out who among the other dancers were "game na game" inside the VIP room.

So technically, my first real gay bar VIP room experience was in Lord, last weekend. I was never shy with our tabled boys about this. After an hour chatting inside the private room, I was still hoping though to get the promised three private dances.

(to be concluded)

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