Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Unexpected Peep Show

On our last skemper at the gay bar Home Base, my friend “Mary” wondered about a performance that I’ve seen countless times already. It was a set of five young boys macho-dancing on-stage, not in the normal bikini briefs, but stripped fully naked, except for a piece of cloth they held to cover their peepees.

Model Jesus Luz as the best representation for how the macho dancers hold the cloth over their crotches

“No, they’re not the all-the-way (ATW) guys,” I told her. “That set already finished earlier.”

She had a strange look on her face as if it was the first time for her to see non-ATW boys almost fully naked on-stage.

“We’ve seen this before! Remember ‘B’ with just a white polo shirt. ‘K’ in a sarong-like cloth when we even instructed him to approach us for a tip when Ringo didn’t join us.”

She still couldn’t remember.

We were in a gay bar, and in an establishment like this, everyone would expect flesh exposure of some kind. It would either be the younger macho dancers in their bikinis, or the more mature macho dancers doing full-frontal nudity. But what stunned her perhaps was this was a set of young junjunin boys in their very early 20s almost doing an all-the-way performance.

The unexpected peep show, right after the jump:

I told her this happens often to the fresh-faced newbie dancers in Home Base. This routine is only done by those 1-2 months into the job, as I noticed the more mature or longer-staying dancers aren’t made to participate in this. I felt this was an initiation of sort – once the newbie macho dancer has regular guests, then he already “graduates” from this somewhat embarrassing performance.

This stripping is usually done, as a group of three to five dancers, in their second dance set or in the middle of one song. Their first dance would be the typical bikini macho dancing, but the second routine was often a striptease type of show.

The cue for them to strip: a 5-to-10-second blinking of stage lights. And this does not only happen in Home Base. I’ve seen this in other bars. In the middle of the song, some blinking of the lights prompted the three young boys on stage to walk backwards, quickly and awkwardly remove their bikini briefs altogether, and cover their peepees with one hand clutching a cloth. Their macho dancing continues right after until the song ends. (Try to observe this when you're in the other bars. Ask for which cue the DJ gives to signal the time to strip).

And there’s nothing really underneath. Because only one hand held the cloth while another hand was free, the audience can see the exposed butts or pubes or even the singits of these boys.

Of course, the objective is to titillate the audience, especially those who’d like to see more flesh from younger looking fresh-faced boys.

And even more flesh than what we expected was exposed that last night in Home Base.

Mary and I were seated right smack in front of the stage. We didn’t table anyone yet, but already had an eye on one of the five newcomers dancing on stage, “Shine.”

According to the gay floor manager, all five just started the week before, but “Shine” was just on his 2nd day in the job. He was already instructed to dance that night. Maybe because they knew he was marketable – his claim-to-fame was someone who was as handsome as John Lloyd Cruz (sabay *roll eyes*). Of course, the gaga gay managers were in our table and cheering for him like ecstatic fans on That’s Entertainment.

In the middle of the romantic song, the 10-second blinking of the lights sent the five newbies backstage. They returned a few moments after with only a piece of black cloth. Two held the black cloth with both hands on their peepees. One had his hung on his right shoulder, while his hand covered his peepee. Shine had his cloth tied to his waist at the left side.

While dancing, the five dancers exchanged places with one another. But as he was walking, Shine removed the knot of the cloth from his left waist, turned the cloth around, and re-tied it on his right waist. Little did he know that he carelessly turned the cloth around the wrong way – instead of turning it backwards to his bum side, he turned it to the front, exposing his peepee to the audience.

Shocking! A part of the audience on the right side of the bar let out a gasp. Especially those who saw what happened.

And I was right in front of the stage, dead center. So I had a full view of his accidental full frontal. I covered my mouth in shock at what happened.

The gay manager in front of me also let out a gasp, and covered his mouth.

Then, all I can hear from us and those in the audience were “OMG! Nakita mo yun? (Did you see that?)”

The conversations went: “Grabe, _____ at _____ yung kanya.” and “Napansin mo yung ____ niya, ang ____!” and “Hindi ko akalaing ____ yung kanya. At ang ____ pa!

Ummm… didn’t the whole audience just see three hard dicks earlier during the ATW performance? So what’s the difference between a flaccid dick of a young dancer and three overly-exposed dicks of hunky macho men? Their shock was very much surprising. Maybe because everyone understood this was an accident, as they knew young fresh-faced handsome boys don’t expose themselves, unlike the ATW men.

I immediately looked at Shine’s face right after the incident. He didn’t seem surprised or very much embarrassed as to what happened. He and another newbie were even laughing it off, while dancing. Sigh of relief.  

Poor boy. On his 2nd day at work, he had an unexpected peep show that even his other co-workers haven’t done before. As "initiations" are, this might be a traumatic experience for him.

Di bale. I tabled him right after their performance.

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  1. what is a good gay bar to go to? im a girl and ive never been to one, id just like to go for the experience. thanks!

  2. hi. depends on where you live. there are good gay bars in both the north and south-west of metro manila, though I am more familiar with the south-west of the metro. depends also on what type of guy you'd like (see another post of mine about macho and hosto typology). email me if you want some details. =)


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