Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heard Through the Gay Bar Grapevine 1

This week, I will feature a series of posts, as I heard from the gay bar grapevine along Roxas and Pasay. Been talking to too many gay managers, tranny impersonators, and macho dancers (current and former) the past few days.

For this set, no macho dancers, no hostos, no customers first. Only news (or rumors) about some establishments in the gay bar industry, this side of town.

Enjoy! Let's start with...

The New Player in Town

Recently opened gay bar along Roxas Blvd, “Mexican Knife” (MK), is starting to generate buzz in the gay bar industry in the area. It’s an oft-mentioned name during conversations with gay managers and their macho dancers: “May bagong bukas na bar dyan sa Roxas ah”, “Napuntahan niyo na ba yung MK?”, “Sa MK na raw nagtatrabaho si…

But, the buzz has nothing good to say about the bar -- dimly-lit area, questionable location filled with tambays, no parking, difficult to locate, old macho dancers, etc. I heard all these from the gay managers of Kingdom Come and Home Base. Threatened? Or demolition job?

The bar generates their own buzz as well -- MK's new managers inviting their former customers from other bars. Even a former macho dancer I tabled, who at 23 has been employed in 2-3 bars already, texted me to visit him at their new bar.

They’re buzzing on the internet too. Their website featured pictures of their male entertainers, the first time I saw a gay bar’s website do that. There were a few recognizable faces (former dancers of various bars) and a lot of “who-the-f-is-this” guys I’d rather not know.

Demolition job explained that the macho dancers in MK were the least tabled where they worked before. That's why they left the more popular and established gay bars in the area, and joined this up-and-coming bar (sounds a lot like ABS-GMA-TV5 feuds nowadays). But I think the MDs in MK are just jobless former dancers looking for any source of income.

There's still a possibility for the bar to be raided, as it just recently opened (no payolas yet). But according to an MD, the city or police will wait around 3-4 months for the bar to become more popular, before raiding it. Higher payola for them, perhaps, rather than doing it now when the bar is barely a month old.  

Where is it? Thanks to Anonymous who put a comment on this post, it's at the interesection of Roxas Blvd and a street parallel to one of Makati's major avenues. Some MDs say it's difficult to find the bar; like one would need to pass through an eskinita just to get inside. I wouldn't know; I haven't been there. But what I know is, a not-so-popular yet visible 3-star hotel and girlie bar nearby serves as an important landmark to locate the bar.

Still don’t know which bar this is? You can ask Aljur Abrenica for the bar’s name. Then Google it. Make sure to spell it with the gay boy's favorite body part: two t's please.

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  1. Machette Entertainment Bar. What else? It is in Pasay City. Roxas Boulevard (formerly George Dewey) is a long thoroughfare traversing Manila, Pasay and Paranaque. If and when you say "...In a very hidden place near the intersection of Makati’s major avenue and Roxas Blvd...", you are, in effect, confusing your readers.

  2. Thanks for the correction. Let me edit it.

    Though I havent been there myself, when I asked MDs and managers where it is, they keep on saying it's near the intersection of said major thoroughfare and Roxas Blvd. Then to get inside, one needs to pass through some eskinita.

  3. LOL! It is on Lourdes Street near the corner of Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City. visit www.machettebar.com or e-mail the place at info@machettebar.com.

    I should not be surprised if Filipino macho dancers and macho dancing bar managers, and even most bar customers, cannot give exact directional information. Which is why I searched all the bars myself because relying on the locals who do not even know Senator Gil Puyat Avenue but appear familiar with Buendia Avenue is courting disaster!

    I suggest you visit the establishment first before even entertaining the idea of writing about it.

    I have lived in many parts of Metro Manila for eight years now so I know my way around this so-called metropolitan area and can help fellow aliens more and better than most locals can.

    Temasek Boy

  4. As far as an impending police raid on the bar is concerned, it will not and should not come as a surprise. By nature, Filipino cops are criminals, terrorizing both locals and foreigners. The only difference between the Philippine cops and the Philippine criminals is the former are state-licensed felons wearing that ugly blue uniform.

    The locals may hate me for my opinion but that is the reality in this poor country.

    Temasek Boy

  5. Temasek Boy, haha. sure, let me visit this place. wanna come with?


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