Friday, February 18, 2011

Heard Through the Gay Bar Grapevine 3

This will be the last in a short series of posts about gay bars this part of town. Again, all these I heard from the gay bar grapevine along Roxas and Pasay. Some information may be true, some may not.


When two bars close, two others open 

After long-time gay bar in the heart of Manila, “Mr. Heart of Manila”, closed down around Sept-Oct last year, another bar closes.

Hosto bar in Malate, “Neighborhood”, is now closed, after less than a year of existence. If the first one closed because of the new mayor’s policies on prostitution, as rumored by one macho dancer, the second one shut down due to “corpses and flies” (Bangkay na, nilangaw pa).

Even with the addition of macho dancers on its 2nd floor late last year, Neighborhood just couldn’t get enough customers. I think their strategy was similar to "Answer for The Emotionally Needy" bar -- to have a floor dedicated to hostos and their hostess clientele, and another floor dedicated to macho dancers and their more affluent guests. Sounds logical. Most of the bar's dancers, including the lone gay floor manager, came from "Mr. Heart of Manila", when it closed down. 

So where did the customers go? Maybe to ATEN. But, don’t ask us. My friends and I left months before the bar’s demise.

Rumor has it, the “Neighborhood” space will be turned into a full macho dancer bar. But not just any other macho dancer bar. As the MDs who were privy to this information told us, the lord of all gay bars in QC will lend its name to the new bar: it's going to be called “Lord, 2nd coming.” It's not confirmed though if it's a branch or an extension of the top QC gay bar. Or maybe just a copy cat.

That's good news for ex-Neighborhood dancers who were previously ex-Mr. Heart of Manila dancers. They can work again in the same area, but in a bar with a more popular name. 

However, just like Mr. Heart of Manila, the new bar may get into trouble again, because of new mayor's policy on prostitution, if that was true at all.

Coming soon: A new gay bar will open in the general vicinity of Airport Road, in Paranaque. Yes, that area filled with the cheap beergarden-type KTVs. There's an spot there with a building that's either being demolished or re-constructed, and turned into the only gay bar in that vicinity. Yehey, Miss Universal may already have her partner, a Mr. Universal perhaps.

And as heard from the grapevine, the place is gonna be huge. Even bigger than Home Base or Kingdom Come. One of the biggest in Manila, maybe.

When will these two bars open? Let's wait for the next news from the gay bar grapevine.

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