Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blind Item: Former Macho Dancer?

I am enthralled with blind items, especially those posted in pinoy exchange. These tabloid-lifted news just keep on flowing with nameless maldita teen princesses, horny love teams, druggie actresses, gay-for-pay hunk actors, reality show alums with gay benefactors, closet matinee idols, etc etc etc.

I am uncertain if these are true. But my easily excitable mind would want to believe that certain fantasies could be for real.

Like this one -- how true is it that a young Popular Moreno Actor (PMA), a darling of tabloid news tidbits, cast recently in consecutive popular soaps in a giant network, was once a macho dancer?

This rumor I've heard from the top gay bar in the north-east to the top gay bar in the south-west. I first heard about this from one macho dancer in the south-west bar. Before becoming famous, said PMA applied as a dancer in the said bar, but didn't push through. I read in a gay blog about an unnamed dancer working for another bar in the north-east (QC), who made it as a lead actor in a low-budget film. Then, a few weeks ago, at another bar, the macho dancer we tabled confirmed that PMA really did work in one gay bar in that area, but not in the same bar mentioned in the gay blog.

I am not surprised about these hearsays, based on what I commonly see in gay bars. He is blessed with an endearing face with slightly-chinito puppy dog eyes. His body may not be muscular, but his lean and toned Pinoy-na-Pinoy bod can already induce fantasies among gay men. Call me masama (bad), but how he speaks is similar to the boys working in these bars -- somehow un-refined, a bit kanto.

And his first roles in the digital screen? Same-same but different.
(Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla, anyone? "Ms. Zsa Zsa" sounds like masasha...)

His image now on-screen is entirely detached from his supposed past life. But tabloid fodder won't seem to stop digging news connecting him to his juicy past. How he was supposedly a boytoy of the award-winning film director-producer who discovered him. How he is now the boytoy of a top TV exec, and the reason why his projects never seem to stop. How he may have gone around the circles of gays paying for solo nights with him.

Poor boy. His past doesn't seem to escape him, despite being elevated into celebrity status and repackaged as a lead actor by the giant network he's working in now.

And poor little boys who work in macho dancing bars, whose dreams are hinged of what PMA has become. As how one dancer told me, "Tingnan mo si PMA, dati macho dancer lang. Ngayon, sikat na. Sana ako rin." (Look at PMA. He was just a macho dancer before. Now, he's famous. I hope it happens to me also.)

I wished these blind items were true, just for my personal gay fantasies of possibly spending a night (literally and figuratively) with this boyish actor with a manly body. Or how I can hook up with the next popular matinee idol, yet to be discovered in a gay bar.

Maybe some of those in the macho dancer industry do hope these rumors are true as well, who consider PMA as their IDOL of being elevated from the hardships and poverty they are in.

So who is PMA, who starred in a soap about those initials? The clues are just so obvious. Care to guess?

GB Goer
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  1. coconut palace ba ito????

  2. yes. "yuuhh-mee" siya. and sweet. as sweet as brown "shooo-gar."

  3. What's wrong being an ex-macho dancer?
    Channning tatum is an ex-stripper too!

  4. Wala naman. It's just any other occupation, a way to get income. =)


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