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Another Heard Through the Gay Bar Grapevine

Three months ago, I had a series of posts about gossip I heard about gay bars in the south-west areas, specifically from Manila, Paranaque, Pasay (you can read through them, entitled "Heard Through the Gay Bar Grapevine" Parts 1, 2, 3). Most of them actually turned out to be true, especially the last of the series, about new gay bars that opened and closed.

So for this entry, I'd like to write about a particular gossip I've heard just last week. What I learned was too juicy not to be shared. Anyway, keep reading if you wish to know more:

Up in Arms

Employees of a certain long-standing gay bar in the MPP area (Manila-Pasay-Paranaque) had enough.

Their bar, let's call it "P.I." as short for "P*tang In*ng bar yan" as some employees call it, is known by macho dancers in the industry as one of the strictest employers. Their rules and policies are implemented strictly, such as:

  • Any dancer who arrives late after call time are often sent home, but some are still allowed to enter but without their daily budget.
  • They are forbidden to meet any of their guests outside the bar premises; if they do and got discovered by management, they'd be fired.
  • If they are absent for more than a day, they are required to show a medical certificate to prove their sickness, or else, good bye. 
  • If they don't reach their monthly quota, yes, they're fired. 
  • If after a long period of absence in the bar and they want to return, they'd be required to make "bagsak" an equivalent of 100 drinks, which they would either pay from their own pockets or ask from their customer, and from which they won't receive commission from. 

And the policies have evolved to be somewhat too crazy already. The latest new rule implemented just last month was that if the dancer was just absent for one day without any valid reason or proof of sickness, he'd be required to make "bagsak" 15 drinks the next day. That amounts to around Php 7,500 which they need shell-out from their own pockets, just for being absent for one night.

This policy is what caused the expulsion of our favored macho dancer, the bar's long-time number one who has raked in millions for the bar. This has raised the eyebrows of many employees, who are wondering whether the bar felt any "utang na loob" (debt of gratitude) to their top dancer.

They've had it. Especially with the "cruel, money-hungry" owners of the bar, and the loyal minions who implement these rules, particularly this someone who acts as the bar's supervisor.

Rumor has it that almost all the employees, even those who've been in the bar for years, are planning to leave. Half of the macho dancers, especially the veterans, are calling it quits. Four out of the six gay floor managers (like the mamasans) are dead-set on leaving. Even the tranny impersonators are deciding to say goodbye as well.

What was the push? What else, but the opening of a new gay bar.

This said new gay bar, opening quite soon along Roxas Blvd near another hotel and a historical, cultural landmark, will be managed by a former P.I. bar employee. This employee was the former supervisor of the P.I. bar, whom the employees of P.I. looked up to. Apparently, said new supervisor has been trying to pirate the P.I. bar's dancers and managers for a long time already. Most have turned down the offer initially. But because of the crazy-strictness of P.I. with sales that are slowing down, and the impending opening of this new gay bar, almost all are revisiting the initial offer. Even former dancers of P.I., who have left a long time ago due to some crazy policy of the bar, are rumored to transfer to the new bar.

The come on? Higher budget for those who transfer, especially those who will bring in their customers from P.I.

Apparently, P.I.'s management has heard of the upcoming mass resignation. They called a meeting among the members last weekend to discuss. Was the bar worried? It seems not.

"Umalis kayo kung gusto niyo. Kahit lahat pa kayo umalis. (Leave if you want. Even if all of you leave)," lambasted the owner who was full of pride, instead of understanding the root cause of this issue.

What would happen to the long-standing P.I. bar? No word yet from the employees who are deciding to leave. Let's see what happens over the coming weeks and months.

Clues on which among the gay bars P.I. is, and where it is? None. But for sure, its employees are just waiting to take flight.


GB Goer
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  1. tama lang, masyado abusado ang employer na yan. but what is a good business but a collection of employees working together towards a common goal.


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