Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inter Gay Bar Competition: Part 1

Imagine one gay bar, filled with macho dancers from various gay bars across the city. Each performs one after another, with his own set of props, costumes, or back-up dancers, revolving around a certain theme. The winner among them would hold a title, together with a cash prize and bragging rights for both the dancer and the bar.  

The only stolen photo I can get in this event. 
I can't even find where the banner is. 
Last Sunday, May 31, the lone gay bar in Libertad, Pasay, Solution Disco, played host to an inter gay bar competition. Entitled "Jungle King 2011", the event would crown the supposed "hottest and wildest macho dancer of the jungle." Okay. Roar.

Being the curious GB Goer, I was there to observe the competition. Good thing it was postponed to this date from its original date of May 18 due to a heavy rains and power failure (aka brown out), or else, I couldn't attend the event.

I arrived to the venue at 1130 PM. It was a good decision to be early, as I got a perfect seat near the stage. The bar wasn't full yet, but most of the clientele were the mature gays. The rest were women, with a few matronas, small groups of curious office-working ladies, and quite a lot of bar-working girls (the regulars of that gay bar).

While waiting for the event proper, we were entertained by the regular performances of the macho dancers working in the bar. I wasn't too bored, as I tabled my regular dancer, "Russell"*, who gave me a few tidbits about the competition. Apparently, none of the macho dancers working in the host bar is allowed to join the contest, for obvious reasons. So their task is mostly to entertain via dances before the event and during breaks.

The gay manager approached me if I wanted to judge the event. Of course, with much honor of being called a judge in this supposed prestigious event, I almost said yes. Good thing, I asked "Russell" what being a judge entailed. That meant "sponsorship", or donating some money or cash prize. Huwag na, I thought; I'd rather spend the money on "tabling" a guy, maybe even two.

At 130 AM, thank goodness, the event "Jungle King 2011" started.

There was a big and lengthy opening production number by the host bar, with their tranny impersonators in tribal attire and eight of their most good looking macho men in skimpy brown bikinis. By introducing these men one after another, the bar seemed to send a message to the crowd that even if this was a competition among the supposed best among the gay bars, they still had the best-looking men. Right.

To host the event, the bar invited one of their regulars, an out-and-out gay celebrity, "Venga Gay" (gay version of Vengaboys). For 30 long freaking minutes, he went around the room to do his stand-up comedy, akin to gay comedy bars. He reminded the room, "whatever happens in the bar, let's just keep it here. So what, if I go to a gay bar? Where do you expect me to go, in a beer garden? I might just barf." Noted, Venga Gay. 

(to be continued...)

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  1. where's the rejoinder blog post? blog about it na! :D

  2. haha wait lang. hold your horses. patience is a virtue.


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