Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Odd Couple in a Gay Bar

"What are they doing here?" I asked my transvestite impersonator friend from the macho dancing gay bar, Home Base*. I was pointing to the couple at the front of the stage.

They were different from the usual gay bar customers I see. They weren't gay men, either in their 20s or  40s, who'd like to see some live man-flesh. They weren't matronas with their alalays who who were scouting for their next boy toys. They weren't even those noisy first-timer women who went to the gay bar just for a fun night out.

It was like a mismatched couple, who seemed out of place in this bar -- a very mature Caucasian foreigner, who looked like the stereotypical overweight D.O.M. (Dirty Old Man), and his young Filipina companion, who looked like the stereotypical skinny bar girl, working for a seedy girlie bar. 

This was not the first time I saw this set-up inside a gay bar. Tall white man with a short brown woman. Middle-eastern men in casual clothes with girl escorts in skimpy attire. A Japanese businessman, the client of the Pinay "business" woman. Always a foreigner with a local.

For them being in the gay bar, I doubt that the old foreigner wanted to see half-naked guys, with the girl as his mere on-the-side companion, like a translator. How can a guy who was kissing his lady the whole night be interested in seeing another man's body?

If they wanted to watch a strip show, why didn't they just stay in the girlie strip bar? I bet the old guy would've enjoyed ladies stripping for him, than watching muscular guys gyrate on the stage. But they decided to spend that late night in a macho dancing bar that catered to women and gays. 

So that means...

"It's for the girl," the tranny impersonator replied. "Pampa-init.

The guy wants to make her in heat? 


"So now you know what they're gonna do after," my friend remarked nonchalantly, as if this was nothing new. 

The odd things I notice.

GB Goer
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  1. wow. iba na talaga ang generation ngayon. pati babae nagpapainit na rin.

  2. korak. kaya nga matindi na ang kumpetisyon nating mga joklah, dahil talbog na tayo sa kalandian ng mga nagkalat na pokers nowadays. haven't you notice? uso kaya ang magpakapokpok ngayon. hahahahaha. leche silah! hahahahahaaha

  3. hahaha! green breaker, i have a feeling yung old foreigner guy ang nag-aya sa babae para mainitan ang babae. para wet na sa ibaba.

  4. Hi v. matindi talaga galit mo sa pokers. Di bale, the boys know they can only get free sex from these girls. The boys don't even get tips from these horny girls. But babalik at babalik din yan, lalo na kung may kailangan. ;)


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