Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Inter Gay Bar Competition: Part 2

(Continued from Part 1)

After the host's 30 minute blabbering on stage, at 2 AM, the DJ announced the names of the bars who were competing for the title of "Jungle King 2011." I remember hearing Machette Bar, Club Mansion, White Bird, Mankind, Hunks and Planet Xanadu. A total of 11 dancers were vying for the title, with some bars sending two contestants.

As I can't take pictures inside the bar, let me
help you visualize what the dancers wore...
The first representative, the one sent by Machette Bar, had two gay impersonators and three macho men as back-up dancers, all in animal print. Despite the amount of performers on-stage, the props used, the voracious dancing of the back-ups, the contestant failed to wow the crowd. He was just lackluster, standing there at the center, doing a very routine macho dancing. Fine, he had a leopard-print full cape on, kudos to his costume. But other than that, nothing spectacular. 

More so the second contestant, from Club Mansion. I couldn't even remember what he did. He wasn't even applauded after his performance (he even exited the stage before the slow song ended). But for sure I  briefly saw some cock.

The first representative of White Bird was a revelation. The dancer they sent, who was a newbie recruit all-the-way stripper, surprised the crowd when he revealed his "talent", right from the beginning of his first upbeat song until his second one. After a minute of vigorous dancing, he removed his loin cloth, leaving on him a tribal head gear, a few wooden necklaces, and feathered arm bands. He had the longest bird exposure (the exposure was the longest ha, and not the bird). He even had the only asshole exposure of the night... twice siyang tumuwad. He captivated the audience so much that he even got some sabit from a customer.

What shocked me was that I've been to their bar countless times, and never had I seen this kind of dance there. I even heard a few women from the audience wondering where the White Bird bar was, curious  to check out if this kind of dance was really performed there. I guess they might get disappointed if they knew how really "conservative" WB is.

Jungle King 2011?
After this performance, the following performers from Club Mansion, Mankind and White Bird were ordinary. Yes, they might have shown some "treasures", here and there. But for me, yawn, seen that before. According to "Russell", the dancer seated with me, the performances didn't look spectacular; any regular gay bar had these performances on a regular night. Dressed in as simple as a g-strip with skirt fashioned from cut-outs of white crepe paper or as elaborate as Aljur Abrenica's Machete costume, all of them were the same -- same type of solo macho dancer, same type of dancing, same expression on their faces. Good thing there was a 30 minute break after the 6th dance, or else, the crowd would've fallen asleep. It was already past 3 AM.

The last remaining performances were group dances.

The first nota-ble one was from Hunks, the supposed "revived" gay bar. Entertaining was how best to describe the performance that literally depicted "Jungle King". Their tranny impersonators dressed up in jungle animals: a Mulawin-like eagle, a white-horse-slash-donkey-slash-tikbalang-on-all-fours, and a lost, out-of-water mermaid-like-butete. They had a forest nymph, a diwata, who seemed to be the star of the show, prancing around the stage in an Enya-like song, together with all the un-tamed and un-coordinated animals. And where was the macho dancer? At the background, hidden underneath a large cloth, only to be revealed as their King at the second half of the song. But, again, nothing fantastic about his macho dancing. Oh, and yes, I forgot the most important animal: the King's pet cock... or was it snake?

(to be concluded)

GB Goer
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