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Top Stares of Macho Dancers in Gay Bars

Much have been said about the eye contact among gays. Like what I read from Simply Manila way back, on how to get someone's attention by making eye contact. Or how to spot gays or bisexuals from Manila Gay Guy, just by the so-called "deep eye contact." It happens quite a lot in gay clubs, where almost everyone in the club tries to look for their next trick just by staring, and hoping that their prospect stares back.  

Then there is the macho dancing gay bar. A feast for the gay guy's eyes. Where it's not illegal or shameful to stare at half-naked torsos or semi-erect bulges or full-frontal nudity. 

But what if the macho dancer looks back? He sees you looking at him as you try to undress him even more or imagine him how he looks like in bed, just with your eyes. His eyes lock in and focus on you. Exciting? Just like in your favorite cum shot where the actor looks lustfully into the camera after a big load. 

In the gay bar, we do get a lot of stares from macho dancers, mostly from those we do not know or got to know once before. It's not just limited to the seductive looks they give on-stage. It can be a simple "can you see me" look that they give when they're waiting at the far end of the bar as you're in your table and trying to see at the distance who among the macho dancers are available to be "tabled" beside you. 

And when they catch you staring, with their penetrating eyes, these men look back with a lingering stare, seeming as if they want to devour you as their next victim that night or so forth. Sounds familiar, especially with this weekend's fright night theme?

Thus, for this blog post, I am compiling the top stares and looks that gay bar customers can get inside the gay bar at night. And In keeping with the Halloween theme, I decided to depict these various looks using photos of whom I think are the best at that lingering stare: vampires. Or at least, the handsome actors who are part of vampire TV shows or movies, particularly the more recent ones which are growing in popularity.   

So, to show you how a macho dancer can look at you inside the gay bar at night, I present the various vampires of recent TV shows or movies:

1. The Blank Stare
(as depicted by Robert Pattinson of the Twilight series)
You don't know what he's thinking, but he's staring at you intently with an expressionless face. No emotions, no wrinkle of eyebrows or facial muscles. Just his eyes looking deep into your soul.  

Or maybe it's really  just wala lang. Blank stare lang talaga. Rob Pats does this look best.

2. The "Don't I know You?" Look
(as depicted by Ryan Kwanten of True Blood)
When you bump into each other while crossing paths inside the dark gay bar, he stops for a while and then looks at you this way. He tries to remember your face, perhaps you "tabled" him once in your previous visits a few months or years back. But he doesn't say anything and show you this look. In return, you just give him this same look as well. 

3. The "Hi! Nice to Meet You" Look
(as depicted by Taylor Lautner of the Twilight series)
As you enter the gay bar or as you go to the restroom, he crosses paths with you. As he holds the door of the restroom, he gives off his nicest boy-next-door toothy smile. But he always shows that to any potential customer he sees, as a form of flirtation. Plus, he's just nice that way.

4. The "Aren't You Getting Me Again This Time?"
(as depicted by Zach Roerig of The Vampire Diaries TV Series)
The un-tabled, customer-less young macho dancer at the corner looks at you with his puppy dog eyes, sad little smile and wonders deep inside if you're going to get him. He's trying to recall if you enjoyed the last time you tabled him, and maybe, possibly hoping that you still get him this time. 

5. The Stare That Says "I Know You Know We Had Fun Last Time"
(as depicted by Ian Somerhalder of The Vampire Diaries)
Naughty, naughty is on his mind. He remembers the "fun" time the both of you had, when you last visited the bar and got him. He knows you enjoyed him extremely and tries to entice you to have that same kind of naughty fun you both had. 

6. The "Don't You Remember Me?" Look or "Sige Na, Please" Look
(as depicted by Ryan Kwanten of True Blood)
This is the shy expression on the face of a macho dancer who distinctly remembers you as HIS previous customer, even if you've only tabled him just once before. With his eyes focusing on yours, plus a little smile that seems to express that he's glad to see you, he wants you to remember him and get him again. He'll just smile while you're looking at him, and will not force his way for you to get him, as he doesn't want to feel rejected even further. 

Even if it seems that you may not have remembered him, he's still trying to communicate a pa-cute plea via his eyes and humble demeanor. Either to get him as your prospect tonight, or to give him at least one bottle of beer, kahit isa lang please, thank you, I will forever remember your kabaitan

7. The "Can You Consider Me Next Time" Look
(as depicted by Joe Manganiello of True Blood)
You've already made your choice on who to spend that night with. As you look to the far end of the bar, you see another macho dancer looking at you. With his soft squinty eyes, slightly disappointed furrowed brows and little smile, he's telling you, "hi, you didn't get to choose me this time, but I hope next time you consider me."

8. The "I May Not Know You, But I See You Around" Look
(as depicted by Sean Faris of The Vampire Diaries)
Oo na, Mr. Vampire, sige na, kainin mo na ako.
This intense stare is done by the macho dancer on-stage. You've seen this guy countless times before, and for sure, he has also seen you countless times already. But you two haven't met each other formally. And this time, while he's on-stage trying to seduce potential customers, he's caught your eyes  staring at him from the darkness. His stare then intensifies, as he becomes all serious in his routine. But even with his effort, he knows that you two still won't get to know other this time. 

9. The Stare: "I Know You Want Me"
(as depicted by Alexander Skarsgaard of True Blood)
The seduction stare: Head slightly lowered, fierce eyes looking straight into the eyes of the looker, with a sly naughty smile. He knows you want him, and as he entices you with this look, he wants you to know that you can have him all for yourself. "Take me" is what he's communicating. And for sure, even if you didn't get him, you'll remember this seductive look on his face. 

10. The "I Want To Eat You" Stare
(as depicted by Kellan Lutz of the Twilight series)
Picture says it all. He wants to suck you (or your money) dry. 

When going to the gay bars this long weekend, keep in mind to have fun! While you get to stare at these men for all you like, you'll also see a lot of these look-backs and stare-backs from these night workers. These stares may come from the one dancing on-stage, or the guy at the far end of the bar waiting to be tabled, or perhaps the dancer you casually passed by as you go to the restroom. They might be reminiscent of the flirtatious looks of the gay guys in the clubs of Malate, because they're trying to do all the "deep eye contact" moves to you just to entice you.

Just don't freak out if they approach you or sit beside you or ask your manager to introduce them to you once they catch you looking intensely at them. They're just awaiting for you to acknowledge their stares. They use their eyes to send a message, particularly when there's distance or hiya factor involved. These guys simply want to improve their chances of being tabled, as they also try read the signals given by the customer's eyes.

But as you're having fun with the tricks or treats in the gay bar, please remember one thing: Do take care of your heart (and money) from these emotional vampires.

GB Goer
Learn more: Lessons from Gay Bars in Manila
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  1. hahaha how did you get all those stares?

  2. Hi Roy! which stares? the ones given by macho dancers, or the ones in the pictures? the stares from macho dancers have happened to me at least once already, but not at the same time of course. the stares in the pictures? research. walang kamatayang research and Google.

  3. hi gb goer galing ako sa cruizin manila sa malate
    maganda ang place mabango
    madami gwapo mura lang pag nag table 350 lang
    25 dancers nila at may mga models din
    ok naman show nila nag enjoy ako last night

  4. ewan ka twing punta ko sa gb palaging may pagnanasa ang tingin ng mga macho cancer sa akin..dahil maganda ako????? bwahahahahahahah!!!

  5. mapera ka siguro kaya ganun

  6. To Anonymous:

    Can you please post the complete address ng Cruizin Manila and also the contact number if avail.
    And also yung mga macho dancer ba dun fully naked ba?
    Please reply. Thanks!

  7. @anonymous #2. hindi rin. madalas lang makita.


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