Friday, July 15, 2011

Beware the Invitation

You go to your favorite macho dancing gay bar, with the intention of spending another P3,000 like you did the previous week. You order your macho dancer espesyal, and while waiting for him to be served, the gay floor manager sits beside you. He chats you up, and mentions the upcoming male pageant search to be held in their bar. You've heard about this before, so you nod in agreement as he asks if you'd be going. 

"Kunin po namin kayong judge ha (We'll get you as a judge)," he tells you with a shy smile.   


Of course, you've now become part of this elite group of very important guests who already has the power and unique skill in determining the top macho dancer in the bar. Fantastic! Imagine a stage filled with semi-nude men trying to get your attention and your vote.

You go again to their bar. The gay floor manager chats you up, and shares his excitement about their upcoming outing to this private beach resort. You've heard about this, as casually mentioned by your frequently-tabled macho dancer a few weeks back. You ask the gay floor manager about their overnight trip.

As the gay floor manager explains the details of their upcoming event, he tells you: "Invited po kayo ha. Pwede magpunta ang mga guests. Syempre yung mga pili lang. (You're invited. The guests can join us. Of course, only a selected few can come). 


Who wouldn't be? You've now reached the elite status of very important guests who are invited to the bar's official outings, together with all the macho dancers in the bar, including your frequently-tabled man. What else is better than a private resort filled with half-naked nice-bodied men all around you? Exciting, isn't it?

Yes, until your tabled macho dancer informs you he is assigned to contribute to the outing's food. What, you ask. A whole lechon, he tells you. You'd be going to the outing, right? he asks you again to reassure.

Will other guests be going, you ask your macho dancer. He claims he doesn't know. But he is aware that the other top dancers with regular guests were also assigned to bring bottles of expensive spirits or to sponsor an entire meal.

The bar may not ask directly their customers to pay for their meals, but will put pressure on identified popular macho dancers to ask their frequent guests. Smart bar owners, you think. Let the wealthy customers pay for their fun, in the guise of a friendly invitation. Okay, not always. They still shoulder most of the expenses, given that the bar has reached their target monthly sales. 

But where do you think the monthly sales are coming from? Didn't the bar just recently hold a Talent Show search among the men, where the winner was this sintunado macho dancer with the monied Korean matrona customer?

Where do you think the cash prizes for the top three Macho Dancer of the Year comes from? P10,000 for the grand prize, half of it for the 2nd place, and the third got about a quarter. From the tight-pursed business owners?  

So before the flattery gets into your head, think twice about saying yes to an invitation to the bar's events. As part of the elite group of very important customers, you may be suddenly be holding a white envelope with your name on it as "sponsor for 2nd runner up." Or if you prefer, "sponsor for pansit malabon and lechon."  

GB Goer
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  1. oo naman, lahat ng judges automatic magbibigay ng anda, kahit sa bikini contest ganyan, kaya di yan honor, dishonor hahaha joke, naku , i have been there, 2 times, di ko na inulit, kesa ibigay dyan eh mag hire na lang ako ng guys at least nakatulong na ako sa guys , na diligan pa ako, naku beware yung anda napupunta lang sa owners ng bar

  2. reminds me of dec 2010. i was invited to this so called big night event in one of the bar sa pasay, big night daw ng mga floor managers.when i arrived that night, i was asked if i could be one of the judges, i told the guy that i cannot stay to finish the event coz i need a few hours of sleep before my flight the following day. you are right, he asked for donation and insisted i will be one of the judge even if i donot stay to finish the event so ang nangyari, i filled up the judges form completely before i left 3am. kaloka.


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