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Sources of a Macho Dancer's Name

Just a fictional book, of course
There's a little game to find out your screen name when you become a porn star, aka porn star name. It says to use your first name's pet and the name of the first street you lived on. Another variation is to use your middle name and again, the first street's name. So a porn star named "Doug Pennylane" may have had a dog named Doug (how creative) when he was six and lived on Pennylane Street.

Unknown by many gay bar goers, macho dancers in Manila also have screen names. Do you expect that a dancer named "Rayver" is actually using his real name printed on his birth certificate? Rayver Cruz, maybe yes. But the real world could be harsh to these men, thereby protecting at least their real identities with a stage name.

So where or how do these macho dancers get their names? Definitely not their nicknames called by their mommies at home, like "Boy" or "Goyong" or "Dong." And getting one is not as difficult as generating a porn star's name. Here are the common sources:

1. Name of his child
> It's a readily available name, especially to the 20-something year old unmarried macho dancers who used their sex functions at an early age. Or to those without kids yet, they already have a name in mind, that's cool enough to name their future children. Maybe a macho dancer thinks "I am doing this job for my children, and I want to be reminded of that." So as he enters the gay bar, to protect his own identity, he'll just use his child's real name. Smart.

2. From a list of names
> In one gay bar, a list of possible names is given to the new applicant for him to choose. If the name is taken already by another dancer, he would need to select another one. The applicant can even mix and match the names in the list. So don't be surprised to hear a "Mike Jordan " or "Brian Kobe" being called out to the stage to perform.

3. Assigned by the bar or any manager 
> Sometimes the gay floor manager thinks of an appropriate name for the applicant -- usually something that's memorable and sounds hot, hunky and delicious. Knowing how these managers can get somwhat too playful, I won't be too shocked if I'd meet a macho dancer named "Jumbo." Or maybe, even "Jutez", short for "dyutay", for that matter. 

4. Celebrity look-a-like
> Certain dancers' claim to fame is how they resemble certain celebrities -- Piolo, Dingdong, Sam, Aljur. That's why some of them use a variation of their kamukha's name: "Lloydie" or "Jun Milby" or "Jestoni" or "Amado". Even those who don't even look like the actor's half brother's cousin just want to be associated, even by a teeny bit, to the popular name. So when a certain "Jericho Anderson" comes out on stage and looks like your neighborhood sari-sari store tambay named Junjun, expect the tweezed eyebrows of gay men to be raised.

5. A former friend's name
> Either he really liked his classmate or neighbor or ka-tropa's name or he felt so much hatred for that person. Good luck to the real owner of the name. If the war-freak husband of a matrona would go on a manhunt for his wife's macho dancer kabit, the hired goons would look for, not the macho dancer, but to the classmate or neighbor or ka-tropa na walang malay.

6. Japanese derived
> Kenji, Hiro, Yoshi, Katzui, Aki, Akihiro, Kazimiro... All these names have a specific clientele in mind: East Asians, specifically the Haponesa or Koreana, who spend lots inside a gay bar. I knew a dancer whose stage name in Manila is the same as his Japanese name when he was working as a dancer in the land of the rising sun. Another guy had a name that was suggested by his former Japayuki girl friend. The other Japanese derived names? Maybe from watching too much anime cartoons.

7. Variation of his own name
> This one is quite easy to do. Think of another name that still uses the first letter of your first name. Like the hunky name "Brad" for someone whose name is "Boring."

8. Popular American names (but not quite)
> You only hear these names on American TV shows or movies or on Hollywood gossip tabloids, and not on the streets of Manila. You'd be impressed at first to hear their names once they introduce themselves to you. But once some of them spell these out as you type their names in your phone book, you'd raise your eyebrows for "Chaze" or "Brenth" or "Calvyn" or "Asher" (The DJ got us falling in love, again?).  

9. Unique cool-sounding names
> Marz (like the planet, or disco). Xando (like the fat-burning drug). Jefferzon (like the former president). Red (like the color). Uno (like the number). Burnz (like the sunog). Dykez (like the lesbian). Their intention: to stand out and be memorable with an uber hip name. May not sound, or spell, cool to you with all the x's and z's, but it definitely is for them.

10. Some even have a last name!
> Dancers from a defunct gay bar were known to adopt not only a new first name, but also a last name. Common last names used, not only by the dancers in this gay bar, are mostly Pinoy pop-culture or showbiz heartthrobs. I've heard of 3-4 Baldovino hostos working in one bar (named after Jovitt). And also the two Cuenca's already, working in two separate bars. Brothers of Jake perhaps?

If you ask macho dancers for their real names, of course they will tell you that their stage names are the real ones. Some may be saying the truth, but most will eventually reveal theirs once they get to know you more (after rounds and rounds of expensive MD drinks). Some even use their stage names as their Facebook profile accounts, which are way cooler if one's real name is perhaps "Apolinario Matabungkay."

Not only do gay bar employees have stage names, but some customers also do. Same as the MDs, it's to protect their own identities of course, especially if they're at a sensitive or important position in their companies or industries. I also have my own gay bar name (which is a secret in this blog). But do know that I am not using my invented porn star name. If so, you'd be hearing of a "Magnum 110" being a frequent gay bar patron.  

GB Goer
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  1. hi, i saw the imbestigador ni mike enriquez, meron palang prince galaxy na naked guys ang palabas, yun ang gusto ko, where can i find suck shows?? naku nakakaawa nga yung mga guys, hinuli, sabi ng asset , the guys daw go to the customer and tell them na kahit pamasahe lang payag sila kahit ano, naku ako mabait ako, i will take care of them, hmmm where else can i find such shows?


  2. hi marvin. suck shows? haha i dont know if there are shows of boys sucking each other in manila. for sure, i've seen some in bangkok. hmmm but if you're looking for naked guys lang, all gay bars have them, but not as how often prince galaxy shows them. only around 10% of the guys show their cocks in the bigger gay bars. the smaller ones like prince galaxy or those bars in the U-belt area, i believe show more cocks also.

  3. It's really a big lost to all gays and gay bar customers out there when the Prince Galaxy Bar had been raided dahil sa imbestigador na yan. In fact, no one beats them until now. Most of their customers are eager to wait for the time that they will open a gay bar which features everything that the customers need but we still do not know when. Gone are the days that all the dancers will show everything and will eventually satisfy their customers. The shows are great and all dancers will really go for all the way non-stop most especially during Fridays and Saturdays. Nothing beats Prince Galaxy Bar. I admit, I truly miss the shows very much. Sana si Mike Enriquez na lang ang namatay, mas masaya pa ako. Akala nya, maganda ang ginawa nya. sana matanggal na rin sya ng show para malaman nya ang feeling nang nawalan.

  4. It's been two months now that Prince Galaxy had been closed but we are still hoping and eagerly waiting for the time that it will re-open. Their customers are hungry waiting for their all-time favorite bar. After the raid, it was for us a great lost for no other bar in Metro Manila, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and even in Davao City can beat and outsmart the shows of the macho dancers in the said bar. We truly miss the daring gimmicks during Fridays and Saturdays and we can not help but get mad at Mike Enriquez until now. He killed our freedom of expression so we also have killed our support to this ugly tv commentator/host/monster anchorman. From all the customers and supporters of Prince Galaxy Bar, we are saddened by this fact because until now, we are struggling to find the most daring gaybars in the Metropolis. Hay, Mike Enriquez and staff, you are hell for us!!!

  5. Hi Jacky. Thanks for the very passionate comment about Prince Galaxy and Mike Enriquez, not only here but in the other blogs as well. Very outspoken as the voice of a percentage of gay bar goers.

    I am not surprised though with its raid factor, given its location (Manila with Mayor Lim's supposed "drive" to eradicate prostitution), its notoriety (shameless cocks galore compared to the other bars), and its attractiveness for sensational TV (notice how a gay guy can get clued to a news show when its next feature is about a raided bar/spa?).

    It's also a matter of "connections" and how these gay bars operate. The bigger, more established bars have ways of knowing if undercover police are coming. They are tipped off by their connections beforehand, then they instruct their men to keep "it" in. Some have strict policies on cameras and cellphones. That's the price to pay for larger gay bars (higher priced drinks = higher income = higher payola = less raid factor), and Prince Galaxy may have lacked in this aspect.

    I won't be even surprised if the raid was caused by their competition who had deeper pockets and better connections, and heard about the "popularity" of cock-showing in this bar. I've heard of a certain owner of a big gay bar who do demolition jobs against newly opened bars which pose as a threat.

    And these supposed journalists may have also been tipped by the police on when they'll conduct raids. These reporters regularly visit precincts and police offices at night to find out anything "newsworthy" (robbery, saksakan, binugbog si misis, etc). The result is sensational TV at its finest.

    For sure the bar will return, with another name or in another location, or maybe in the form of another bar. Umiikot lang mga lalaki sa mga gay bars, pati mga floor and stage managers niyan. So for sure, something similar in concept will come up in the future.

    So if you had connections with former MDs of this place, it's best to ask where they work now and try to visit them there for the meantime. I won't be surprised if they would temporarily be working in the other seedy "daring" gay bars of Aurora or U Belt. And they'd still be showing cocks with their own signature "Prince Galaxy" style, for sure.

  6. Hi there G. B. Goer:

    Thank you for the reply regarding my posted messages.I do really appreciate it. I have really been outspoken with my thoughts and feelings. i do write a lot. Most of the comments and suggestions in all the other blogs were done by me. I love to write a lot that is why, I am just waiting for someone like you who can reciprocate my thoughts with your own views. It only shows that you do find time to read the replies of people like me. I am desperate with the thought of having to find another bar which can bring me some level of consolation.

    I have to be honest with you that I am indeed a gay bar addict and until now, I look forward to get into more gay bars if only they can give me the kind of satisfaction that I have experienced when I discovered about Prince Galaxy Bar a year ago and before it was raided last April 9, 2011. Although I have been into a lot of gay bars already ranging from the famous or well-connected gay bars to the so-called small-time gay bar all over the metropolitan areas, still, I look forward to the re-operation of the Prince Galaxy Bar. For the meantime, I suppressing my rights to visit other gay bars because I have already found the Prince Galaxy Bar to be the kind of gay bar that I wished to visit regularly. For such a gay bar addict like me, I have already known the styles of other gay bars in Metro Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao, Cagayan de Oro City and even Zamboanga City, name it, I have been there already!

    But nothing really beats the Prince Galaxy Bar until then even if they have been raided down by CHAPA through the show of Mike Enriquez. Even if the place is not as good as one can ever imagine a gay bar to be, still their shows are freaking, sizzling hot. They have been the only gay bar who really shows complete nudity with all of their macho dancers especially during the big night shows.

    No matter how other gay bars will try to let their macho dancers show their cocks all over, but the signature of Prince Galaxy Bar remains a lifetime signature for being the undisputed "all-the-way" gay bar there was in the entire history of the Philippine Gay Bars.

    No wonder until now, I really miss it and the more I get to hate Mike Enriquez for putting an end to this bar. I do have also concluded his face into my system as the number one "worst, ugly face that I have ever known in the entire Philippine broadcasting industry!

    So for those who love the Prince Galaxy Bar, let us do something. We miss this bar so much and please let me know if they have already opened such bar (where I can see most of the dancers perform again). i will go there and pay them the usual visit being a loyal fan of this bar.

  7. Hi Jacky, yeah i do read everyone's comments. Just keep on reading the blog, and don't forget to comment on other posts as well. It's quite funny that the comments here are not related to the blog post. hehe. But it's okay.

    And go ahead, make noise about Mike Enriquez and the show (Your comment on him being the "number one, worst ugly face" on Phil TV, though unfair, made me laugh). All these exposes and raids they show on TV can make good TV for macho-hungry gays, but are quite irritating to us gb goers. And I hate that they seem to present themselves as saviors of these men from the cruelty and "kalaswaan" of the business owners, in a reporting tone that's derogatory and judgmental as if on a moral high ground. If you look back and dissect some of the exposes they've done, you'd find out that real issue for the raid would only be an expired of business permit. Kala mo kung sino silang nasa mataas na pedestal. *roll eyes*

  8. G.B. Goer:
    I am still hunting for a gay bar which has the same level or intensity of performance to that of Prince Galaxy. It has been two months now that I have not stepped into any other gay bar there in Metro Manila because I have barred myself from going to those bars as my way of saying that I truly patronage Prince Galaxy. Until now, the thought of having to hate that "number one, ugly face" of Mr. Enriquez is still running my hippocampus and I hate to say this but indeed, I started hating me the more. Everytime I hear his voice from a distant, I get to be irritated and how I wish, he will end his contract soon in GMA. He killed my sense of happiness and so, I will kill him in my memory bank.
    Thanks for those comforting words and you may e-mail me at this add for any queries and let us exchange views.
    My e-mail add is jake_generoso@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from you soon.


  9. I thought that you the limbicoperator guy will send me an e-mail message but I have been waiting for you. Hope to hear from you soon...

  10. I thought that Dual Core Bar here in Zamboanga City has already level up. I saw their tarpaulins hanging outside with good promos printed in it such as indicating the kind of shows and schedule for their gimmicks and all. After having pledged never to come back to this same place again, here I am finding myself going back into that "cursed venue" being a gay bar addict myself. I hate to say it but yes, I ate my own words and violated my own promise to myself thinking that really, they have changed and grown up like the rest of those gay bars in Metro Manila. After having been their loyal and avid customer for two consecutive years, I have been a living witness to all such lousy standard of the management in terms of giving such shows to their customers. I have already made a curse in going to this bar since last January because of my disappointment and dissatisfaction over their repeated, demure and non-daring shows but still, I gave this bar another chance to prove their worth. So I went there last Saturday evening (July 23) and last night (July 28) to confirm if indeed, I have good reasons to be proud of this one and only existing gay bar. However, I ended up on the same boat again. There are only three things which I usually experience in going to dual core: get bored, get frustrated and regret!

    I mean those words because nothing good has taken place. It has remain as the only existing gay bar in Zamboanga and the only existing lousy gay bar in the Philippines. Imagine having to wait for 50 minutes before their dancers will continue dancing. And worst, they said that they will have a body shots or tequila night, but we went home last night without watching any body shots at all! It is a ballony for us because there were around 15 customers present and last Saturday was supposed to be a special night but hell, you only get bored from watching around 12 skinny and not so good looking guys gyrating in their skimpy shorts and bikini outfits. YOU DO NOT GET TO SEE WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE SEEN INSIDE A GAY BAR.
    Have you ever felt like being cheated for believing that such establishment will give complete satisfaction to their customer? I have been into all the bars in Metro Manila, Cebu City, Cagayan de Oro, Davao including the rest of the neighboring provinces but never have I felt being cheated like the way this dual core bar did to me.

    Every time I am there, I am being pissed off by such lousy performance and bursting out in dismay and disappointment is just a normal feeling for me.

    I got the nerve to write all these words now because I would like to warn all those gay bar addicts out there to never visit this dual core bar in Zamboanga City if you do not want to end up being bored, sleepy, frustrated. Better not go there and just regret that you have not achieved what you have truly wanted to experience. They cannot offer any nudity in the first place and their boys do not have what it takes to flaunt their naked body. So why be bothered to watch these guys clothed themselves under a loin cloth and a skimpy bikini outfit then will just go back to the dance floor wearing the same attire no more, no less.

    Now, I don't have any single reason for coming back to such worst gay bar anymore.

    For interaction, please contact me through my e-mail add: jake_generoso@yahoo.com

  11. Hi Jacky! Again, thanks for the very long and passionate post. Noted on this gay bar in Zamboanga. Will try to see if it's worth going there. Thanks for the info (even if Blogger.com considered your comment as spam). Na-curious tuloy ako, even if you were bashing the place. Hehe.

  12. G.B.Goer, please do give me the chance to burst out my thoughts and feelings in your blog space and not remove me from the list. Where will I be sharing such experiences but to those blogs who cater to such experiences, right? . That is how you help gay bar addicts like me to continue believing that nothing is wrong for having the nerve to support macho dancing in the neighboring community. Your blog is instrumental for someone like me to share the right experiences, be heard for the times that we are not understood, be there to give comfort to someone who is passionate in it. Writing has been my passion and expressing myself is a natural habit.

    I believe that you will understand why I am doing this. The bar needs to level up! Can someone from Metro Manila talk to Louie, the manager about this matter? If in case you will be coming to Zamboanga, notify me. We can meet if you want out of your curiosity to find out that I am a real person and my messages are not supposed to be included in the spam section. Keep them please and post it for others to know. it is my campaign if you are holding to the principle that indeed, the pen is mightier than the sword. In addition, the blog is faster than the notebook.

  13. Hi Jake. No problem. Feel free to put your thoughts and comments in the blog. Pero I have other pages ha, baka puro sa "Sources of a Macho Dancer's Name" ka lang mag-post ng comments. Anyway, even if your comments appear in the spam section, I still publish them. So write away. And yeah, when I do get to visit Zamboanga, I will email you to visit the bars there. =)

  14. G.B. Goer, kindly let me know the other pages that you have so that I can help fill it up hehe. Don't worry, I can give you better insights and comments to any issues that you wish me to write. I will not be a nuisance to your pages then but I can help empower your blog as well. I am a writer out of my own right and writing is something that we both do love.

    It is our passion to articulate our thoughts in the way we want it to be. So thank you for giving me the space to air out, share and make the most of out time reaching you Mr. or Madam Editor? Since I still do not know you, then, we will cross paths through this webpage. After all, you can discover a real treasure from the south through this blog. God bless you.

  15. Hi Jake. Just visit the original home page http://machosandhostos.blogspot.com. I have other articles there (just click on any topic you want). Feel free to share your thoughts in any of the other pages... You have 90+ pages and topics to choose from =)

  16. to all gay!!!1 you know what im travelled entire phillipine archepelago. And the firt thing im looking for in a place is GAY bar.i was there in METRO,pampanga,iloilo,cebu and others.but ill really surpriced when..I entered gay bar in Davao. i aw i big cock there.the show i super dupper..you can see there MD masterbating in front of their costumer....dancing with naked....it so nice...

  17. nag wowork ako sa prince galaxy bar malapit na ulet kami mag open

  18. that was the first time na pumasok ako sa isang gaybar iloilo, na inlove ako sa isang dancer doon, ang bait niya eh...na nlove din siya sa akn..nag break up na ami kagabi, almost 3 nths na naging kami..ngayon nawl din yong cp ko, hindi ko memorised number niya,. para akong tanga. lahat nalang ng website ng gaybar pinasok ko na,parang hinaanap ko siya eh..

  19. that was the first time na pumasok ako sa gaybar iloilo yon to be specefic paraiso gayar sya. may nakilala ong dancer, nag ka inlavan kaiing dalawa, almost 3 months kami, at dumating ang point na..nagkasamaan ng loob so nag break up kam kagabii lang, at kaya nga ako naka punta sa site na to eh, parang nababaliw ako hat nalang ng site ng gaybar pinasok ko kasi nawala yong cp o kanina lang din eh hindi o memorize yong number niya..parang hinahanap ko pa siya. im just asking na tama ba tong ginagawwa ko?

  20. @ Rav, may nagsabi na din sakin nyan before e... Pero if you are telling the truth, that is really a GOOD news for us... Nice gift for Christmas :-)

    Gurl kapag nag-open an ulit ang Prince Galaxy Bar sabay tayo punta??? hehe!!!!


  21. Hi Joan My question is, bakit mo gusto siyang balikan? Email me if you want to discuss more: char.affairs@gmail.com =)

  22. Hi Men_wisher

    Gurl. Hahaha! Why not? Let's wait for news sa pagbubukas nito.

  23. hi pls..any guys at least handsome and stand tall would like to dance in a party as macho dancer to be held this june 2012 pls..Pm at jc_joecer@hotmail.com thank you for negotiation..

  24. Hey guys..any interested to be a macho dancer at only one night to be held this june 2012 in a bridal shower..At least handsome and stand tall..Pm me if any interested just email me at jc_joecer@hotmail.com or txt me at 09397349657


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