Friday, April 22, 2011

Songs in a Gay Bar: The R&B Slow Song

Want to feel in-love? Want to feel sexy? Want to feel being seduced by a handsome muscular charmer, half-naked and sweating, dancing to a slow, sensual love song?

Whew, the idea is making me hot, and want to go to the nearest gay bar.

I've written about the Power Ballads as danced by macho dancers in a gay bar -- strong, heavy, full of emotions. Yet, another type of music that's also often danced along in these bars are the R&B ballads and slow songs.

When a macho dancer chooses a slow love song for him to dance along to, his repertoire is often limited to the songs they hear on the radio. And when it comes to love songs especially in the mid-90s to 2000s, the most popular ones are those from R&B singers in these decades. Of course, the choice songs are sung by male R&B stars, as opposed to female ones, as not to appear too feminine.

And I think that these R&B love songs are a good choice at that. Its slow beat and melody can evoke sensuality, and can even be quite sexy even as background music for romantic foreplay. Its lyrics, especially if sung by a smooth male voice, can make one swoon over and melt. And when danced along by a hunky guy, I feel this type of music is a perfect choice to emulate passion, love and sex, all rolled into one song.

So here are some R&B slow songs that I've heard played inside gay bars across Metro Manila. You will probably have heard some of them, and might make you remember a particular dancer. So for other non-gay bar goers, listen to these tracks, and imagine a macho dancer sensually moving his half-naked body to these songs:

1. "Crazy Over You" by 112
This is my top of mind R&B slow jam song. Maybe because this song reminds me of my most recent favored macho dancer. And even when I went to another gay bar, I can still remember "him" and his special moves, even when another dancer was grinding to this. Diba, Ringo and Mary?

2. "Can You Help Me" by Usher
A sensual song from the best-looking abs in the R&B world, Usher -- perfect song for a macho dancer. (I'm not saying Usher IS a macho dancer, literally, but if you think about it, he is a "macho" dancer). Hmmm how many bottles of beer will I need to "table" Usher?

3. "Dance With My Father" by Luther Vandross
Though not a love song, this is still a slow R&B track that's often played in various gay bars. I guess some of these macho dancers have some connection to this song, or to some sort of unspoken feelings to their fathers, for some matter.

4. "Mad" by Ne-yo
A more recent song by a more recent R&B artist, and thus, more often played in many top gay bars.

5. "You Are Not Alone" by Michael Jackson
I know Michael Jackson is not an R&B singer, but please indulge me. This is still a slow love song, sung by a male, with a good R&B-ish beat into it. Funny, when this song is played, expect the entire gay bar filled with voices singing along to this.

6. "6, 8, 12" by Brian Mcknight
For the macho dancer who wants to count... bottles of beer they have already?

7. "Reason For Breathing" by Babyface
It's an old song from the 90s, and I doubt some macho dancers of today know of this song and the artist. But I heard this song danced by a few dancers already.

8. "I'm Your Angel" by Celine Dion and R Kelly
A love song at its finest -- for a male dancer to his female matronix customer. I'll be your shoulder when you cry... It makes no difference who you are... I am your angel.

9. "I Believe I Can Fly" by R Kelly
The sort of national anthem of a gay bar along Roxas Blvd, for quite obvious reasons, played during their major big night events like "Search for Mr ___ of the year" or the nth year anniversaries. And it's the song reserved for the winner of the said Mr ____ of the year (with matching costume white wings).

10. "I'll Make Love To You" by Boys II Men
This is the ultimate sexified song among the R&B slow songs, obviously because of its title. Even though this song can get cheesy when played, it can still stir up some sensual feelings among the gay bar partrons. Sige na, please make love to me na.

[UPDATED June 14, 2011]
And how can I forget the song that's actually one of the most popular R&B songs played in these bars. Maybe because the dancer remembers all the troubles having a relationship with a customer entails. It's:
11. "Another Used to Be" by Joe

I will create another post for the other types of song genres frequently played inside a gay bar.

So for now, listen to these songs and imagine at the start of each song, the deejay saying "up next on the stage, please welcome... (insert any name of your macho dancer like Prince or Gerald)." Then if you get a bit hot, sweaty and sexed-up, I suggest you to go to a gay bar hora mismo!

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