Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's More Fun in the Philippines!

The Department of Tourism of the Philippines recently launched their new campaign on "It's More Fun in The Philippines" (You can learn more by clicking the link here). Since its start last January 6 2012, the campaign has gone viral over social networks and blogs, with numerous Filipinos sharing their own reasons on why Philippines can be a premier destination due to its places made more fun by its fun Pinoy people. Even my friend Rocky has created his own versions (memes) of the campaign for one of Manila's gay clubs (See link of his blog here). 

So how are gay bars more fun in the Philippines?  

Runways. More fun in the Philippines
Night Photo by

Blind dates. More fun in the Philippines 
You get to choose your guy. But you get to pay for your date.

Gratitude (or gratuity or gratuitous showing). More fun in the Philippines
Thousand peso bills go a long way.

Stage Plays. More fun in the Philippines.
A half-naked man is always at the center of the stage.

Finding love. More fun in the Philippines
For matronas, lonely gay guys, bar girls and especially, the #1 tourists: Korean women

Just a few notes:
1. I am NOT promoting sex tourism. "Off-ing" the men or taking them out of the bar is very expensive, to restrain the customers. Some bars don't allow it at all. Besides, a lot of the guys working here don't see themselves as sex workers (they're only working there as entertainers).
2. The ones shown above are what we can claim as more fun in the Philippines. I've tried to consider others but failed. For example, "angry birds" can be fun in the Philippines, but it's more fun in the more risque gogo bars of Bangkok and in some cities around the world. Manila does not even have imitation sex on stage, sorry.  

What other ideas do you have? Is it really more fun in the gay bars of the Philippines? 

GB Goer
Learn more: Lessons from Gay Bars in Manila
twitter: @gbgoer


  1. Amused that you opted to make some of your own, hehe

  2. I love the photos, and I think they are very original! I especially like the "Finding Love" & "Stage Plays" :p

  3. GB, anong ibig sabihin ng "Angry Birds"? ang daming beses ko nang naririnig yang angry birds na yan galing sa Pilipinas? anong term yan? alam ko may game na angry birds sa cellphone e.. pero ano ung sinasabi mong angry birds sa gay bar?

  4. GB, si MBogs to.. ung nagtanong abt Angry Bird.. :)

  5. angry birds....if i'm not mistaken is "galit na note" .... correct me if i'm wrong.....

  6. eh bat sabi, "i've tried to consider others but failed.. for example, angry birds.. can be fun in the Philippines, but.. is more fun in Bangkok.."

    nako-confuse tuloy ako..

  7. MBogs Haha wag masyadong pag-isipan. Galit na nota nga yan, pero mas nakaktuwang manood ng mga galit na nota sa mga bars ng ibang bansa kasi mas maraming lalaki ang hindi nahihiya. conservative pa kasi tayo sa lagay na yan.

    1. haha.. ganun po ba.. thanks 4 d info po..hehe

  8. Saan ginanap yung Runways. More fun in the Philippines - pic?

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