Monday, December 27, 2010


When I interact with macho dancers I am interested to have a relationshup with, I always look out for signs if he MAY be sincerely into me, and not treat me as a mere "customer" or "walking ATM." Case-in-point: "Hobbes".

Pre-Christmas: "Hobbes", 22, of "Home Base" (not his real "bar name") has been so makulit via text. Even if I just "tabled" him once on the previous weekend and has replaced him with two other guys since then (I was put off by the four drinks he rushed to drink within an hour's time), he has always kept in touch. He would share stories of what went on that day with his family (going to the embassy, party for his sister's birthday, etc). Quite amusing, since most MDs that I've "rejected' or "replaced" would just leave me as is. Effort kung effort.

So Monday night, I asked him via text why he seemed to be "pursuing me" as if I was the girl of his dreams, and not an actual girl (haba-hair moment). He said that he didn't like to pursue girls anymore because "mga manloloko din... kasi binigay na nya lahat pero niloko din siya." He wanted to have a real relationship that would last long, and not just be someone's toy, maybe based from a previous experience he had with another gay guest. He didn't want to be "iiwanan lang sa ere" (a line that was mentioned by another MD earlier that week). He felt I could give that real relationship to him.

In between his flirty text messages peppered with "bhe", he was persistent in selling me his tickets for their bar's Christmas event, which I wasn't planning to attend. But I obliged, out of sympathy (if the tickets went unsold, the bar would deduct the price from their allowance, which he was planning to spend for their Christmas dinner). So Tuesday night, I went to "Home Base" at 3am to purchase the tickets personally, after hours of text messaging. But when I arrived, he was already occupied with another guest. So I just told him to meet me up the following day.

So Wednesday of last week, I met up with him in Trinoma, QC.  The meeting was quite short and uneventful -- him tagging along while I did my errands, then early dinner at Chowking. But what amused me was our discussion during our post-dinner smoke.

He told me I was the first customer he met up with outside the bar, since he started last August. After probing if this was true, he said that he was supposed to meet with another customer in another mall a few weeks back, but that didn't push through. I asked if that customer was a girl or a guy. He answered the latter.

So I asked why, and he reiterated what he texted me a few days back. And he added that he felt that gays give more to their beloved, unlike girls. (Hayy, if these boys really knew and appreciated what we gays do for love). Momentary silence. After the smoke, as we parted ways, I handed him the the payment for the tickets (plus a few extra for Christmas). He refused, because he forgot the tickets at home. So it was my turn to insist, and then his turn to oblige. I didn't go to the bar's Christmas event that night. All through out the night, he was still persistent for me to follow.

I don't know if he was truly sincere when he shared this story. Maybe he was. Who knows if what he told me was actually true... or just the truth stretched just to make me have my "haba hair moment" enough to "give my all" when he needs it.

On Christmas eve, he texted to remind me of his birthday on the 26th. After my greeting, he replied with "Maghahanda ba tayo sa birthday ko?". Taken aback because I held no promises to treat him for his birthday, I bluntly declined. No more messages from him afterwards.

Dec 26, Saturday, 4pm:
GB Goer: Hi Happy Birthday
Hobbes: Cno to bago kc cp q. tnx
A few exchanges.

Guess what. He did have a birthday celebration in their house... thrown by another guest.

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