Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All About "Sabit"

You've seen that action done in countless movies and shows. It is the quintessential image of the stripper, male or female. "Magic Mike" made you curious to experience the same thing in Manila. You've wanted to do it. But then, you're just too afraid or too shy or too cash-strapped to even try. What's that action called in the local scene?
Those lucky dollar bills

But, wait. Doesn't the word "sabit" mean the following? 
Sabit 1: Hang clothes to dry
Sabit 2: Hang on to railings of jeepney's rear
Sabit 3 (or Sandara's "Walang Sabit"): Tangle-free hair

In the gay bar industry though, "sabit" gets a whole new meaning. There are no clothes (literally), no jeepneys, and no Sandaras (Koreans abound though). Magsabit ng pera involves tucking cash into the waistband of the macho dancer's bikini/underwear/cycling shorts as he is dancing on-stage or once a dancer approaches you. 

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Year

I haven't updated my blog for the longest time. That's obvious. I just re-opened my blog and saw a lot of comments I needed to publish. Thank you again.

But before I head back to my new "thing" in the New city, I will be posting a few blog entries. Anything you want to know? Share your thoughts or questions in the comment section, and let me try to answer or write full blog posts about them.

(PS: I've finished and posted an entry that I started to write 3-4 months ago. The entry is backdated.)

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Now You Nose

Tomas* has become one of the popular models at the gay bar he worked for, named after a lifelike wooden carving. A typical gay bar macho dancer, he has transferred from various establishments over the past couple of years. He only had a few regular customers in those previous bars. Yet, he only struck gold at the last bar he worked for. 

Only a few know the secret to his success. Unless you've really observed him before and after his latest transfer... or transformation. 

Tomas already looked promising before. Despite being a typical probinsyano lad (you could tell from his strong accent), he's tall and fair-skinned. Before building up his chest and shoulders, he already had a lean frame, but on the skinny side. But what kept him from truly standing out among his co-workers was his face; he looked ordinary. His high cheekbones or sculptured jawline were not enough to make him look like a top gay bar model.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

What's Sulit, Mama?

Humiga na ako sa maliit na kama sa ikalawang palapag ng massage parlor. Parang walang ibang customer dahil medyo tahimik. O siguro malakas lang ang background music mula sa speaker. Hindi spa, Zen-ish relaxing music ang tugtog. Love Radio ata, at isang 90s Tagalong love song ang pinapatugtog. Parang nasa gay bar lang din ako, ngunit sa gabing iyon, sa massage parlor o sha-sha ako nagdesisyong magpunta.

Inantay kong dumating ang napili kong si Andrew*. Sa walong sha-sha boys na available noong gabing yun, isa na siya sa mga papasa na sa aking standards, na binabaan ko na noong gabing iyon. Payat, moreno, 5"6', spikey hair. Pwede na nga ito, kumpara sa mga ilang mestizohing nauupo ko sa macho dancing gay bar. 

Nang pumasok siya sa maliit na silid, hininaan na niya ang ilaw. Hinubad niya ang t-shirt nyang saplot. Tinanggal ang sapatos at medyas. Binaba na ang pantalon. Lumuhod na siya sa paanan ko, habang ako'y nakadapa't nakapikit. Narinig ko na lang ang squirt-squirt ng bote ng cheap milky lotion sa kamay nya, at sinimulan na ang masahe.

(medyo NSFW ang susunod na kwento. slight lang.)

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Manila Gay Bar Guide: Part 3

(continued from Manila Gay Bar Guide Part 2)

The Quezon City Macho Dancing Gay Bars

For those staying in Makati and who are willing to travel a few kilometers up north to experience the numerous macho dancing gay bars there, then I recommend visiting a few macho dancing bars in the Quezon City area. There are quite a number of macho dancer gay bars in this area, ranging from the bigger, more established, popular ones to the small seedy gay bars in the side streets. You will see the location of these bars in the map below.

To get to Quezon City from Makati, I recommend passing through EDSA, which is the main thoroughfare that connects the major cities of Metro Manila (see brief explanation from Part 1).

A taxi ride from Makati City to Quezon City (QC) will take around 40 minutes on a week night 10-11PM traffic, even if the distance is just 5 miles or 8 kilometers away. Otherwise, it's just 15 to 20 minutes past 1 AM (Pinoys, correct me if I am wrong). Just because of the distance and the traffic to get there, the bars in this area are ideal to visit if you are spending the weekend or more than a week in Manila.

Just like in the previous entry, let me get into detail how to get to those bars in Quezon City. There are two areas with gay bars. One is in the Timog (pronounced TEE-mohg) Avenue area, while another is in Aurora Boulevard. Let me start with the area with the most popular bars: